8 Design Ideas for Choosing Decor for a Holiday Wedding

It’s the most wonderful time of year – the holidays! If you’re getting married, this can be a wonderful time to plan a wedding, too. Not convinced? Here are some great possibilities for how you can plan a winter holiday wedding.

1- Christmas Trees

It’s a given that at every Christmas celebration, there will be a Christmas tree. And, if you decide to book your celebration at a reception hall or event center, chances are, they’ll already have a Christmas tree decorated for you. This means a little bit less work for you to do. Talk about a deal!

But, when it comes to your part in the decorating, the options are limitless. Think Christmas tree invitations, Christmas tree centerpieces, a Christmas tree-shaped boutonniere for the groom, or even a bridal bouquet the colorful hues of a Christmas tree. The sky’s the limit. Christmas trees make a festive look and a great conversation piece at a wedding.

2- Pinecones

Pinecones are a simple, beautiful way to add a touch of nature. Pinecones can be placed in the bride’s bouquet for a simple, wintery look. Or, you can decorate using pinecones inside a lantern with a candle for a simple, yet sophisticated, look. And, pinecones are an affordable way to decorate.

3- Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas ornament theme is a fun way to announce your wedding. Additionally, Christmas ornaments can be a wedding favor that your guests will truly use and enjoy.

4- A Jingle Bell Send-Off

Many brides and grooms opt send-off off of rice thrown at them or bubbles blown in their direction. But, as a December bride, why not opt for guests ringing Jingle bells at you as your guests wish you a happy marriage (and a happy holiday)?

5- Candy Canes

Candy canes are another fun way to incorporate the holidays into your wedding. Why carry just flowers for your bouquet? Red roses surrounded by candy canes can, together, really make a statement. Candy canes are also a sweet way to treat your guests. You can set up a candy cane bar, featuring all the different colors of candy canes you can find. These will add a pop of color, depending on how you display them. This will also be a fun feature for guests to talk about.

6- Ice Cold Winter Wonderland

If you want a winter wedding without Santa, you can make your theme a winter wonderland. Imagine the beauty of snow on trees and shimmer on trees. A bouquet of solid white flowers will also compliment this shimmery, glittery look.

7- Poinsettia Perfection

For some, it just isn’t Christmas without poinsettias. These call to mind the memories of Christmas past. These flowers are perfect for the bride and for centerpieces. And, what guest wouldn’t want to take one home at the end of the celebration?

8- Mistletoe

You don’t need mistletoe to seal your union with a kiss, but why not add this special holiday touch? Mistletoe is a fun Christmas tradition that will easily fit into a holiday wedding decor. This festive plant is not only a symbol of love and romance, but it also adds an extra touch of holiday spirit to any celebration.



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