Learn from Emanuele Murgia aka Big Shawn Kemp

Emanuele Murgia, who is better known by the name Big Shawn Kemp, is the perfect example of someone who lives and breathes the game of basketball. He grew up looking at some of the biggest role models in the sport. He desired to model his game after theirs.

He took his game from middle and high school to the semi-professional level. Originally from Italy, he eventually made his way to the United Kingdom in London.
Eventually, he transitioned out of his role as a player and into the coaching world, continuing to nourish his passion by sharing it with other bball lovers.
Even though he spends most of his time off the court, he still likes to play a little bit of street ball when he can. Recently, he started up a new project.

He has opened an online store at and shares his love for the game through his Instagram channel. He designs sweatpants, t-shirts, hats, jackets, hoodies, and other accessories that will give everyone that personal style and flair that is so important on the court. All Big Shawn Kemp wants to do is give back to the game of basketball. It is clear he is accomplishing that goal.

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