Create A Crime Deterrent With Outdoor Lighting

Crime rates are up around the nation – just check out some crime news and see for yourself. While law enforcement agencies do what they can, it also becomes up to the homeowner. As such, outdoor lighting is heavily recommended as a way to serve as a crime deterrent.

Portland crime rates are on the rise. This includes areas of Beaverton and other parts of Oregon, too. Homeowners explore a variety of landscape services, including LED lighting. This makes it possible to create more light throughout the exterior of the home.

Often, break-ins happen at night. Robbers will choose dimly lit homes because they are identified as easy marks. However, it is possible to use outdoor lighting throughout the front and backyard to keep the home more heavily illuminated. This can serve as a deterrent because robbers don’t want to be identified.

Particularly when there is a neighborhood watch, robbers are less likely to target a home with landscape lighting. This is because neighbors who see someone they don’t recognize outside of a home will call neighborhood watch. Neighbors look out for one another and want to do what they can to keep the neighborhoods they live in safe.

Many neighborhood watches provide tips for homeowners throughout the neighborhood. They will discuss any crimes that have happened recently in order to make homeowners aware of what is going on. With citizens fighting crime together, combined with signage, it serves as an added deterrent.

Some of the tips provided by neighborhood watches include such things as locking doors and windows, installing outdoor lighting, and even placing lighting by entrances on a motion detector. This way, homeowners can find out if there is movement by their front or back door if the light turns on late at night.

If a robber is in a neighborhood, looking to break in, they are going to think twice about a home that is well-lit. This is because there is a greater threat of being caught when they are visible to others. Additionally, the longer they have to spend in order to enter the home, the more likely the homeowner or another neighbor will identify what is being done.

Homeowners should do everything that they can in order to deter criminals. While security systems are highly desirable, they can be expensive. By using something as simple as outdoor lighting, it creates a desirable aesthetic on the outside of the home while also keeping the home lit. Homeowners can sleep better at night knowing that they are illuminating their home in a way that keeps the criminals at bay.

Outdoor lighting can be installed in a variety of ways. Contact Lewis Landscape Services to explore the options in order to establish a crime deterrent at a property in or around Portland, Oregon.

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