Medication Uses of CBD Products for Pets

With the use of CBD products becoming more and more popular for a range of medical and therapeutic purposes, it is easy to miss that CBD products can be just as beneficial for our pets.

From muscular pain and aches, such as those commonly experienced by older dogs and certain breeds in particular, to calming animals during times of change and anxiety; CBD products are becoming more commonly used for pets as well as humans.

What Dosage Should I Give My Pet?

Whether you want to help a pet relax on a road trip or support a calmer mood overall for anxiety or hyperactivity symptoms, CBD can be a great asset. There can be a difficulty in measuring the dosage, however, and in the administration. After all, an animal is unlikely to know when something is being done for their benefit and may be reluctant to consume the product in the same way a human would.

So what is the answer?

You can find a handy dosage chart by RelaxedPup to ensure that you are administering only the correct quantity of CBD product to your pet.

Of course, there are other ways when it comes to administration. Animal treats, such as biscuits and chews which contain CBD are becoming more accessible. If you are struggling to get your pet to consume the CBD product, this may be a better way to proceed.

I am concerned about the ‘high’ effects of CBD.

For a long time, CBD or Cannabidiol to provide its full name has sat under a banner of disrepute. This largely stems from hemp and marijuana belonging to the same plant family. Whilst marijuana has a high concentrate of THC (the chemical largely responsible for inducing the heightened state), hemp has a lower THC quantity. In fact, the law prevents the sale of products or refined chemicals that are CBD derivatives which contain an amount of THC large enough to produce a ‘high’.

Preventive Vet has some excellent information you should make yourself aware of if you are considering administering CBD products to your pets. 

CBD does, however, when purchased from a reputable source, still aid with relaxation and pain relief. You do not have to compromise one for the other as THC is not medicinal in so far as the sense discussed here.

Of course, the use of CBD products should be carefully considered and your veterinarian consulted before administration. As the Blue Cross highlights, it is easy to overlook medication clashes which are possible as a side effect of any administered product. To keep your pet safe, it is worth the trip to the vets and discussion about your chosen CBD product to ensure your pet’s safety and well being.

With all this considered, how can you ensure that you are buying safe, legal products and that the retailer can be trusted?

With the rise in popularity of CBD products, it was always going to be tough regulating the supply on the open market. Whilst the law strictly controls the amount of THC allowable in all CBD products, for both humans and animals, it is less capable of restricting the sale by only responsible sellers. 

Some things that can help you identify a responsible seller (and make sure you are only purchasing the best products with the highest rate of effectiveness) include looking out for instructions on how the product is made and the CBD is refined. 

There are a multitude of ways to extract and refine CBD oil, each with their own limitations and advantages. If a seller is being vague or non-descriptive of their methods, you should be questioning why that is.

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