6 Up-and-Coming WWE Stars to Watch

Professional wrestling has been around for decades, but the WWE is constantly changing. New wrestlers are being created all the time, which means that old wrestlers inevitably retire or move on to other things. There are always new stars to watch!

1. AJ Styles

The “face that runs the place”, as he is often called, has been a fan favorite since his days in TNA. He’s got a great look and a fantastic moveset. In TNA he managed to hold two sets of Tag Team Championships with three different partners, but it wasn’t until after he moved to WWE last year that people started taking him seriously – having won the United States Championship from John Cena at this year’s Royal Rumble, you can now consider him one of the midcard top dogs!

2. Kevin Owens

Best known as Ste� Douglas Martin outside of WWE, Kevin set himself apart from other wrestlers by being an absolute jerk to fans and wrestlers alike. While this might not sound like the best gimmick for a pro wrestler, he backs his words up with an impressive moveset consisting of power moves and technical wizardry. He’s already won two Intercontinental Championships since joining WWE in late 2014, which is pretty impressive considering that wrestlers usually take years to get that many championships!

3. Sami Zayn

The man known as El Generico (Sami Zayn in WWE) has lived his dream by making it to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. He’s known for using lots of high-flying moves in his matches, but lately, he’s been using more grappling techniques instead – this allows him to keep his opponents guessing when they fight him because he can switch things up quickly. The best part about Sami is that he’s a fan-favorite character, so you know he’ll always give 100% to put on an entertaining show.

4. Baron Corbin

This WWE newcomer has been around for only a short time, but he’s already managed to make a name for himself and win the Money in the Bank briefcase – which awards him a shot at one of the six main championships whenever he wants it. This means we will likely be seeing him challenge soon! The ‘Lone Wolf’ as his fans like to call him uses lots of power moves (he even ran through John Cena during their match!) and isn’t afraid to fight dirty if necessary. This makes him similar to Kevin Owens in some ways, though they’re different enough that they don’t feel like the same character.

5. Nia Jax

Nia is another newcomer to WWE, but she has already made a big impression by squashing Charlotte of Sasha Banks in her first match! She uses power moves similar to Baron Corbin, though she’s also known for throwing people around more than he is – which makes sense since she’s over twice his size. Her finishing move isn’t very unique (a Choke Slam), but hopefully we’ll see some new ones as she starts putting together longer matches. We could be seeing her rise up the ranks soon! Of course, if your local promotion doesn’t give women wrestlers enough attention then you might know them from elsewhere TNA’s Awesome Kong or WWE’s Nikki Bella are two examples.

6. Dana Brooke

Dana has only been on the WWE roster for a short time, but she is already making an impression on fans! The RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte had this to say about her: “She looks like a bodybuilder.” While some wrestlers look like they’re made of rubber, Dana is somewhere between that and looking like someone chiseled out of rock. Her physique makes it clear that she uses power moves exclusively – which might be why Sasha Banks gets destroyed by her every time they fight!



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