Trump ally to send aid to Canadian truckers — Analysis

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell will send pillows to the Freedom Convoy protesters, and says he’s “got a little problem” with Justin Trudeau

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and a vocal conservative, has pledged to give pillows to truckers protesting the Canada coronavirus restriction. Lindell revealed that he feels a bitterness against Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister, and encouraged truckers not too. “compromise”There is no way to win, until then “all our freedoms” back.

“All of our employees are busy making pillows right now for the truckers in Canada. We’re going to try and get them through. I’m not going to say what day or, you know, there will be obstructionists,”Lindell spoke to Right Side Broadcasting Network Saturday.

However, Lindell’s shipment of pillows may be impeded by the protesters themselves. Traffic on the Ambassador Bridge, linking Detroit (USA) with Windsor (Canada), remained a standstill as of Sunday morning. This bridge is responsible for approximately 25% of US-Canada trade. Although police spent Saturday moving protestors away, trucks still block the bridge. However, police are starting to pull trucks.

Many trucks are still parked at the border with Canada and several key US points in Ottawa.

Lindell said that his company has a plant in Canada, but described how in the wake of the 2020 US presidential election, Canadian companies dropped his products as he publicly denounced Joe Biden’s victory as fraudulent. Lindell’s claims have seen him banned from social media, yet the MyPillow CEO continues to host talks and events claiming to have evidence the election was “stolen”Donald Trump. Numerous lawsuits by Trump’s allies have failed to substantiate these claims. 

“When I was canceled in the United States, Canada companies canceled me too…so our production went way down a year ago,”He explained. “I got a little problem with Trudeau, let me tell you.”

WATCH police crack down on ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters

“We’re gonna get these brave truckers, and it’s going on around the world now. It’s amazing. We’re winning,”A breathless Lindell continued to RSBN. “I encourage all the truckers don’t give up and say ‘Okay, we’ll compromise halfway.’ No. We want all our freedoms.”

Two weeks ago, Freedom Convoy truckers parked in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The Freedom Convoy was formed originally to protest US requirements that truckers have to be vaccinated before they can return to Canada. Some within the convoy are now calling for Trudeau’s resignation. Drawing inspiration from the Canadian truckers, similar ‘convoy’ protests have taken place in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

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