What Microsoft Can Do For Your Business

What Microsoft Can Do For Your Business

Father George Rutler, associated for many years with the St. Michael’s church in New York City, is 76 years old but that doesn’t mean he is old school when it comes to technology.

Rutler is a Microsoft kind of guy and believes that employees of most businesses should be familiar with the various Microsoft products.

First, among all the Microsoft products that are essential for practically any employee to learn is Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word has been in existence since 1983, and is the de facto word processing software for all businesses.

No other word processor product comes even close to being as universally accepted as Microsoft Word, and whenever businesses want to make documents available for sharing, they frequently choose the Microsoft Word Format.

The advantages of Microsoft Word are many. Besides having tools that allow you to quickly correct typing mistakes, use templates to produce letters, resumes or reports, the fact is that Microsoft Word is practically available anywhere.

Thus learning Microsoft Word, not merely using it but becoming really familiar with it is a nearly essential Microsoft Product to Learn.

Next is Excel. Many people do not realize that in the early days of computing, what made the early Apple computers so popular was that there was a program known as VisiCalc that catapulted the personal computer from a hobby toy to a full business tool.

Today, of course, the most popular spreadsheet program is Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel allows users to input accounting data, build business charts, do scheduling, identify business trends, and perhaps most importantly, share data with others in your department or with key management executives.

Knowing excel is really a key knowledge base that every person in the office who expects to rise up the ladder will be expected to know.

Then there is Powerpoint. Powerpoint is sort of the bone of contention with computer users as there has been more refined presentation software that has been developed which is probably better.

Nevertheless, PowerPoint comes bundled with Microsoft Office, it is extremely easy to learn and create a presentation and there are somewhere around a million or more business presentations created each and every day with PowerPoint.

Notably, most businesses wind up purchasing Microsoft Office which bundles Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint together with other programs such as Microsoft OneNote, a note-taking software, Microsoft Outlook, a robust email program, Microsoft Publisher for desktop publishing, Microsoft Access for database functions, and Skype for Business among many.

Arguably there is no larger, universal tool for business than Microsoft Office, and its major advantage is that no matter which company you work for, the next company is liable to use the same software.

These are all tools that can make you a valuable part of any business team and Father Rutler is convinced that the more of these tools you learn, the better off you are likely to be when promotions become available.
Of course, Father George Rutler is aware that Microsoft offers most of its products in the cloud now, and one advantage of the cloud is that it can be accessed from anywhere.


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