Epstein worked to ‘whitewash’ Clinton ties – media — Analysis

Disgraced pedo billionaire had ex-employees sign papers stating they never saw Bill Clinton at ‘orgy island’

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had ex-managers of his ‘orgy island’ sign an affidavit affirming they never saw Bill Clinton visiting the place.

Epstein employed Miles Alexander and Cathy Alexander between 1999-2007. According to the Daily Mail, in 2016, they were contacted by Epstein’s lawyer Darren Indyke, who wanted them to sign, under oath, a paper stating they never saw Bill Clinton on Little St. James island while they were managing the financier’s Caribbean property. 

According to British newspapers, the British newspaper linked Epstein’s move to Hillary Clinton’s then-ongoing presidential campaign. “remarkable lengths”You can find more information here “whitewash” her ex-president husband’s links to him.

Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre), claimed Clinton visited the Island, which is alleged to have been a spot of hedonistic indulgence and sexual crimes against minors. She is one of Epstein’s victims, who is accusing Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, of taking advantage of her, an allegation the member of the British royal family denies.

Clinton admitted to having flown Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita express”He was denied Little St. James Island by media on multiple occasions.

According to Daily Mail, although the Alexanders did not want to meet them, they could get answers from some people near the couple who live in South Africa. They reportedly didn’t witness any orgies on the island. A few of the women who were there looked too young, so they shared their stories with friends. But only one girl, a French model was confirmed as underage. The girl was “accompanied by a chaperone and had a letter of authority from her parents allowing her to travel,”The report states that

Prince Andrew suspected of ‘intimate relationship’ with Ghislaine Maxwell

After Epstein was investigated by the FBI, Alexander resigned. This investigation was described to him as “entrapment”. Indyke, an attorney who had worked with the financier for over two decades, reached out to them in 2016. Indyke, the lawyer who worked for the financier for two decades, contacted them in 2016. He provided a written statement stating that “to the best of their knowledge”According to a source, Bill Clinton never went on the island while he was managing it.

Miles, according to reports, slightly changed the wording of the document before he and wife signed it at the notary’s office. According to the Daily Mail, what the couple told their friends about Clinton didn’t contradict the affidavit.

The source suggested that the move was linked to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. “There was a worry that the link between Epstein and Clinton and in particular the island could be used against Hillary,”This is the explanation.

Epstein was in prison in 2019, awaiting his trial for multiple charges, including sex traficking. He did not plead guilty. The authorities described Maxwell’s suicide as suicide. His confidante Ghislaine Maxill was convicted and sentenced by the US Federal Court in December on several charges related sextrafficking of minors.



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