Britons brace for gloomy future as cost of living soars — Analysis

According to a survey, Britons are likely to struggle against rising inflation and UK sanctions towards Russia. According to the survey, many have cut back on their expenses and have skipped meals. 

Sky News announced Tuesday’s results citing Ipsos UK polls of 2,061 respondents, aged 16-75.

When asked how they’ve responded to the rising cost of living across the UK, 52% said they’ve cut back on socializing. However, only 29% said they’ve canceled their TV or streaming service. Nearly half (53%) of those surveyed said that they anticipate the costs of their pastimes increasing over the next six-months. 

Britons are told to work harder to deal with the cost of living crisis

A majority of respondents said that they expected a rise in rents or mortgage payments. 87% of those surveyed said that they expected utility bills to rise over the next six-months. Half of the respondents however said that they anticipate fuel costs and food rising. “a lot.” 

Britons facing ‘real food poverty’, supermarket giant warns

The majority of respondents were much more likely to make adjustments to their spending habits than to continue living on borrowed funds. While only 19% reported that they’d incurred new debts, another 13% said they had. “thought about it”To cover rising fuel, food and other daily costs. 

Conversely, 65% said they’ve kept their heat turned off, 44% said they’ve driven their cars less, and 44% said they switched to a cheaper supermarket for their groceries. 

With food prices climbing across the UK, 27% – more than one in four – of respondents admitted to skipping meals, while another 14% said they have considered doing so.

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