How Smartwatches Are Replacing Phones

Technology keeps getting smaller and smaller day by day. There used to be a time when TVs were the size of shipping boxes and they keep getting slimmer. It’s pretty fascinating how far technology has come. The smaller the device, the more the features it gives you access to. The world is literally at the tip of our fingers. With the invention of smartwatches, technology has become more accessible. They started off with square, boxy designs and with time are easier to disguise as an actual watch, the Huawei smartwatch GT is a fine example of this. Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket, you now have it on your wrist. Smartwatches are the revolution and here’s how:

The journey of technology

Thirty years ago nobody could even imagine a day would come where we could send instant written messages on a phone. Look where we are today! One small chocolate bar sized device can do just as much as a bulky computer. While the conquest of smartwatches seems impossible right now, with how fast the world is advancing there is no accurate prediction as to what is coming.

The plethora of features

Smartwatches continue to incorporate features from smartphones. Who would have thought a watch would not only tell you the time but the temperature, your recent calls, unread texts and the number of steps you took today? Watches evolved with time, starting off with fitness tracking features to being equivalent to smartphones. Smartwatches will grow to be independent of smartphones- as in you do not need to connect a phone for it to work. 

Reducing screen time

The general perception is that smartphone/smartwatch companies would want to increase screen time. However, recent research linking screentime to a multitude of diseases including varying forms of cancer is making companies reluctant. Smartwatches decrease harm by not emitting as much radiation as smartphones, thus proving beneficial in the long run. 

An upgrade from routine

Remember the criticism in the market when Apple eliminated the headphone jack from its devices? It would be hard to believe today the same Airpods that feature was abolished for is taking the world by storm. Everyone hates change when it starts. It always grows on us with time. Considering the past trends in the hype in technology, smartwatches seem to have a bright future. 


Smartwatches come with so many accessories, you can literally mix and match according to your preference. It’s easy to match your aesthetic. The possibilities really are endless. There are countless straps and watch faces for every model out there so you never really get bored of it. A fresh look gives your watch a fresh vibe and keeps you hooked on the look!

So, what’s the future?

So far so good. The future for smartwatches looks as bright as a star. The technological market is run by consumers. Consumers play a process almost identical to natural selection and pick out the best device. Even though the technology market is quite unpredictable, it seems like this gadget will go ahead.



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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