Czech president appoints PM from inside big glass box — Analysis

Czech President Milos Zeman formally appointed Petr Fiala as the country’s new prime minister on Sunday. After Zeman’s positive test for Covid-19, the ceremony was modified to ensure strict protocol.

Zeman was in an acrylic box and sat inside a wheelchair during the ceremony at Lany Chateau. Zeman, along with Fiala, were disguised as the new PM was insworn into office.

Zeman had a wish for the PM “success”in his new post and promised to meet with potential ministerial candidates on Monday.

Following Thursday’s positive test for Covid-19 in his blood, Zeman has taken to being self-isolating. Zeman was just discharged from Prague’s hospital after he had spent six weeks fighting an unknown illness.

The Prague Morning news website quoted the hospital as saying that the president’s health had improved significantly during his stay there. According to the outlet, doctors said that he was being treated for liver disease.



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