3 Proven Ways to Recover Abandoned Carts

Being an ecommerce store, if the sales fall, you need to look for elements that might be affecting it. Look over all factors caused by a technical glitch or customer behavior – one such aspect is abandoned carts.

If you visit your Shopify store and check under orders, you will find abandoned checkouts. You will be surprised to see that the number of cart abandonment is overwhelmingly high. The cart abandonment rate in an average online store is 69.23%, according to Baymard. This means you need to figure out ways to minimize cart abandonment.

Reasons Behind Cart Abandonment

To figure out ways to tackle cart abandonment, you first need to know what’s causing it. There might be multiple reasons behind it. According to a study, 85.65% of these abandoned carts are from mobile phones. This indicates that part of the reason could be faulty mobile optimization of your ecommerce store.

Another common reason is that the customer was initially interested in the product but lost interest before checking out. Besides that, they might be just exploring or were curious about the total cost they would need to pay, including tax and shipping costs.

Most ecommerce stores send a follow-up email with discounts to their customers when they abandon a cart. So some of those customers might even have abandoned the cart in hopes of getting a discount and saving some money.

Why Is It Important To Recover Abandoned Carts?

Abandoned carts mean potential customers that need to be attracted again, so there’s always a chance of increasing sales by looking over abandoned checkouts in Shopify. In addition, by sending a follow-up email, you remind your customer about the product they abandoned so that they might make a purchase, finally.

Hence, it is an effective way to boost your store’s revenue by encouraging customers to complete the purchase.

Moreover, by analyzing your abandoned carts, you can find and resolve the reasons behind the decrease in sales. For instance,

  • What is the rate of abandoned carts in your store?
  • Why are most customers abandoning the carts?
  • How do you need to approach to resolve the issue?
  • Is the issue on an individual level or mass level?

On recovering your abandoned carts, you’d be able to improve your online store performance by working on areas where you were lacking.

3 Ways To Recover Abandoned Carts

Now that you know why your customers have been abandoning their carts on your ecommerce store, you need to work on ways to recover these abandoned carts. There are plenty of ways to recover abandoned carts. Here are a few of the ones you might want to use.

1. Email

One of the most established and popular ways of abandoned cart recovery is through emails. Sending reminder emails to your customers can drop the rate of abandoned carts of your store. If you have a Shopify store, you need to be sure you execute this strategy through Shopify abandoned cart emails. Otherwise, it is likely that the emails might not even reach the customers.

To further ensure the effectiveness of these emails, you must focus on crafting an appealing subject line. Test various subject lines before finalizing one for your campaign. It is an essential factor in encouraging subscribers to open their emails, thereby compelling them to purchase. You must also include a discount on the product they were interested in to increase the probability of the customer revisiting it.

2. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads is one of the most innovative and subtle ways to remind your customers about their abandoned carts. In addition, it can significantly help you overcome the abandoned cart rate since you’ll be presenting the customers with the exact products they lost or abandoned while checking out.

To execute this strategy, you’ll require the assistance of Google RSLA or Facebook pixel on your store. Using them, you will track which product the customer abandoned and then present it back to the individual customer.

The retargeted ad will compel the potential customer to have a second look at the product. This is what makes this strategy effective for recovering abandoned carts. The best part is you don’t have to be an expert in any advanced marketing skills to execute retargeted ads.

3. Push Notifications

When you open a website, some of them will show you a pop-up notification asking whether you would like to subscribe to push notifications. If customers accept these push notifications by clicking ‘allow,’ they will start receiving notifications on their phone from that website.

This will help you send personalized push notifications and remarket the abandoned products at the last moment through push notifications. Moreover, you can send your customers discounts or sales and reminders on their abandoned cart.

Shopify App Store has a push notification app that can assist you in setting up push notifications for your customers.


Running an ecommerce store effectively can be a little tricky at times, but you need to be sure no customer slips from your grip. The best tact to fasten that grip is by reaching out to the customer and making them feel important.

You can use either of the strategies mentioned above – they are absolutely cost-effective and doable for any business, whether small or big.

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