US Agency Has Scrutinised Tesla For Model 3 Safety Claims

The US agency National Highway Traffic Administration questioned about Tesla’s Model 3 safety claims. They asked the carmaker to submit the required legal information on several crashes and the documents earlier posted by this group. NHTSA lawyers took this opportunity with October 7 Tesla blog post saying that the Tesla Model 3 has the lowest probability of injury of any of the vehicles tested before. The model group released their documents on Tuesday, but the regulator stated that the claims were a mismatch with the advertising guidelines crash ratings. They also noted that this would also ask the Federal Trade Commission to verify whether the statements were legally excellent or included deceptive acts.

These documents that the Freedom of Information Act requests sent to the carmaker included orders regarding information for the Tesla model. The reason for this step is to verify whether the crashes involve any dangerous, unfair situations or not. Tesla’s share drops to 0.5 percent in the New York pre-market trading, which is not much $229.51 (only Rs. 16,300). This amount may not be considered to them, but undoubtedly to us.

However, the Tesla, NHTSA, and the FTC didn’t instantly respond to their comment when they sent it within business hours. Tesla produced similar statement back in the year of 2013 where they claimed that the Model S achieved their vehicle safety and that score raised to 5.4 stars, but the agency said that vehicles rating beyond five stars are rare and weird.

If it’s a subpoena, it’s known to get quick attention from the manufacturer generally, and it’s not a routine matter,“- Allan Kam said who is an independent auto-safety consultant, he added, “It’s dealt with more promptly and seriously.


Sarah Ruth

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