6 Types of cases handled by personal injury attorneys

Personal injury, in legal terms, is mostly defined exactly how it sounds. It includes suffering any injury as the result of someone else’s negligence or through an action that makes it their fault. When you suffer a personal injury, you have the right to seek compensation.

Since all types of incidents can result in these cases, legal professionals that deal in personal injury come in many forms. This Bay Area car accident attorney, Dan Rose, helps individuals who were injured as the result of another driver, for instance. That’s not all he and others do, though. These are the six types of cases handled by personal injury attorneys.

1. Car Accidents

A very common personal injury case, car accidents often leave drivers as well as passengers with injuries that require medical attention. In nearly all cases, the driver who caused the accident failed in their duty of care (the responsibility to maintain safety on the road). That could include:

·         Speeding

·         Drunk Driving

·         Driving aggressively

·         Distracted driving, which includes texting

·         Failing to obey traffic laws and traffic signs

2. Motorcycle Accidents

While this type also includes a motor vehicle, there are several differences in motorcycle cases. Unsafe lane changes, speeding, and lane splitting are primary causes. In many cases, drivers oblivious to the rider often run them off the road or hit their bike. Regardless, the injuries sustained on an open vehicle balancing on two wheels can be extreme.

3. Intentional Torts

You probably know an intentional tort by the name of assault and battery. These types of personal injury cases deal with intentional harm to the victim. Outside of physical violence, these cases include false arrests and imprisonment, intentionally causing emotional distress, and defamation of someone’s character.

4. Premises Liability

In most parts of the country, homeowners are responsible for maintaining their property in a way that ensures the safety of anyone in their yard or home. If someone were to slip on ice in your driveway, for instance, you can be held liable for their injury. The same is true for places of business. Other types of premises liability include:

·         Inadequate lighting

·         Harmful chemicals and materials

·         Faulty wiring

·         Negligent security

·         Slips and falls

5. Product Liability

Manufacturers of all kinds are tasked with ensuring their products meet various safety standards. When a consumer is injured because a manufacturer neglected to follow these laws, it’s known as a product liability personal injury case. Thanks to consumer protection laws, you can seek compensation if someone’s product injures you.

6. Wrongful Death

All of these cases can cause injuries ranging from the minor to the severe, but they can also lead to someone’s death. Wrongful death claims help individuals seek compensation for the death of a loved one, so long as that death was caused by another individual’s negligence. Claimants can seek compensation for:

·         Financial losses

·         Emotional damage from the loss of the loved one

·         Household assistance

·         Death and burial expenses

·         Working benefits

·         And more

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