What to Look For When Shopping For Corsairs

Why do we need a gaming mousepad? The best gaming mouse pads usually have highly precise surfaces, enabling you to switch between more sensitive options optimized for precision or more rugged, slicker alternatives that offer more control. Using a quality gaming mousepad also ensures that your mouse feet will not wear down too quickly or unevenly, extending the life of your mouse. Of course, your budget and the type of gaming you are doing will determine what size and shape your pad should be. Here are some tips for choosing the right kind of gaming mouse pad:

o Gaming mice are made to be very sturdy. Some gaming mice pads are made with extra features that can be helpful to your movements while playing, but they are still subject to wearing against the surface of your gaming device. For example, if you are using an optical mouse, then there is no need to buy something with extremely sensitive rubberized surfaces; if you want this kind of sensitivity, then the optical ones will do. If you have a laser-based mouse, though, extra surface texture will add to the feeling of precision and smoothness as it will be more responsive to your movements. On the other hand, thick cloth mouse pads provide extra padding between your finger and the surface of your device; they can help to avoid finger fatigue.

o Gaming mouse pads are designed to reduce sensor movement. While your movements are being tracked via infrared or laser light, there is still some amount of friction that your device can experiences. This creates a slight delay between when you move your finger on the screen to the actual image that is shown on the screen. A cloth surface may reduce the amount of friction and make your gaming experience more smooth. Also, the dampness of the cloth may actually help your eyes as it prevents dirt from gathering on your surface.

o Gaming mouse pads that are made from soft materials offer better support for your fingers. There are a lot of mechanical mouse devices out there and they are not all created equally. With less friction, your device is going to track more precisely and your movements will be more consistent. If you are playing on a very hard mouse pad, you will find that the movements are disjointed and are often jagged because the friction has taken so much time to get established. You need to make sure that whatever surface material you choose will have the ability to provide a good amount of support and comfort to your fingers as well as support your wrist. There are plenty of different cloth surface materials that can do this and some of them are actually hypoallergenic and very comfortable to use.

o When you play on a very soft surface for your gaming mouse pads, you will notice that your wrist may ache a little bit more than usual. This is due to the fact that your wrist is not supporting the entire weight of your device when it is on a very soft surface. For best results, you will want to purchase gaming mouse pads that are made out of a much stiffer material. Not only will this help you avoid having a stiff wrist after a while, but it will prevent your hand from becoming swollen after extended use.

o Some gaming mouse pads come with extra features. The first two that come to mind are Logitech’s own G-Sensor and the quiet mouse click wheel. The G Sensor works in conjunction with the click wheel to give you better precision and more control when clicking and moving around on the screen. A great thing about the G-Sensor is that it can register whether or not you have actually clicked and moved your cursor on your screen which can save you countless hours of retying keys. The quiet click wheel is also an amazing addition and works extremely well when your hands are sweaty from gaming. The extra features that some corsairs have been a nice perk but don’t necessarily have to be utilized every day.

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