5 Important Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your House

More and more homeowners are installing security cameras in their homes. While it’s true that crime hasn’t declined, it’s not the only reason for using security cameras in a house. Along with home insurance benefits and keeping an eye on the kids and grandma, there are five important reasons to install security cameras in your house.

1. It’s About the Psychology

Peace of mind isn’t only a homeowner’s purview. Parents are relieved when the kids get in from school and lock the front door. Everyone feels better when senior family members make it down the stairs safely. When the maid service and the handyman have keys to the front door, homeowners are happy to see they don’t bring friends with them.

Security is more psychological than physical. No criminal wants his face to be in plain view of either a homeowner or a cop. That means criminals, without fail, will move past your house with cameras to someone’s home that doesn’t have one.

2. Stolen Property is on the Rise

While crime overall seems to be decreasing in some cities, some aspects of crime aren’t. Stolen property such as cars, computers, firearms, smartphones, and jewelry are on the increase. Here is where security cameras shine. Not only do they get a picture of the thief, but they also get a picture of what he stole.

3. Fire Control

If security cameras are all the security homeowners have, the cameras can still alert homeowners to a fire. You might not hear the screech of fire alarms, but you can see smoke on your smartphone or laptop and call the fire department. You can also alert rescue services if senior family members, sick kids, or pets are in the house and can’t get out.

4. Electricity and Safety Monitoring

Were you in a hurry this morning and left your hair curling iron plugged in and turned on? Did one of the kids forget to turn off their lava lamp before falling asleep the night before? Perhaps the dog couldn’t resist chewing on a lamp cord.

You can’t always tell what appliance or other items will have a frayed electrical cord. It’s not always obvious which electric outlets are faulty. It’s always when you least expect it that just the right circumstances mean a short in the wiring. Your security cameras will pick up the sparks and alert you to call the proper authorities.

5. Works in a Smart Home

The kids come home from school and forget to lock the front door. Senior family members can’t grasp the window treatment controlling cords to open or close the curtains. No one remembers to turn on the oven to cook the roast at the right time.

Your smart home items keep track of things, perform tasks and alert you that it’s done. That’s supposing, of course, that someone remembers to check. Thank goodness you have security cameras throughout the house.



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