4 Maintenance Tips to Keep a Generator in Pristine Condition

Power outages can happen anytime, and a generator can be an excellent resource for getting back on your feet. However, it can continue to work for decades with proper maintenance, so you must take care of your generator properly. Learn these four important tips for keeping it efficient and reliable in the future.

1. Change the Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your generator. The oil flows through the bearings and keeps everything running smoothly. Oil is also responsible for preventing corrosion and wearing down of your generator parts, so it’s important to change the oil regularly. If it’s time to change the oil, your generator is also due for a good cleaning and inspection. This will keep your unit running at its highest efficiency, allowing you to save money on fuel and lengthen the time between oil changes. However, this task can be tricky if your generator doesn’t have a sight glass to show you how much oil is left.

2. Keep It Clean

Keeping your generator clean and properly maintained is essential for ensuring that your unit will continue to operate flawlessly. Not only will a clean unit run more efficiently, but it will also stay tidier and last longer. Over time, dirt and gunk from oil and gas build up on the engine parts and can cause clogs. This leads to poor performance and can damage vital engine parts like pistons, valves, and cylinders.

3. Replace Old Parts

Over time, parts like spark plugs and fan belts will wear down. If you’re planning to replace these parts, remember always to replace them with ones of equal or higher quality. This is because new spark plugs are designed for use with the specific model of generator that they are replacing. Oil filters are another important part that will eventually wear down. This can reduce efficiency and cause other problems down the line. When replacing parts on your generator, check the labels on every part to ensure they are compatible with your unit.

4. Have It Serviced Regularly

It’s important to have your unit inspected and regularly tested by a professional. If you do this, you can identify potential issues before they become problems. This will keep your machine running smoothly and prevent breakdowns. It can also help you save money in the long run by letting you catch problems while they are still minor or preventative instead of after they cause major damage to your unit. Test your generator at least monthly to keep it running properly! Remove the old fuel, add new oil and gas, perform a manual test, then run it for 20 minutes. Inspect the electrical connections and ensure your rotor is rotating and the motor is working.

Proper care and maintenance of your generator will help keep it running efficiently for longer. Contact our team of talented technicians to schedule annual or bi-annual service and maintenance. We can help keep your generator in pristine condition for years to come!



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