What Is Criminal Law/Justice?

The criminal justice system refers to a set of social and legal institutions that deal with enforcing the law by the defined set of procedures and rules. Some limitations regulate the enforcement process. The United States has different and federal laws. Other branches of the United States system include the military criminal, state, and federal criminal systems. The different states in the United States have juveniles and adults. Lawyers like Diego Ruiz Durán, whowork in Mexico, also have similar laws to follow. Several departments deal with the systems. Some of the areas covered under the system are as follows:

Law enforcement agencies

The agencies include the police and other parts that are involved in ensuring people follow the set rules. They have the authority to arrest and take people to court based on several laws. The enforcement system marks the beginning of the justice system. There are set laws that govern people at the state and the federal level. It is the work of the police to ensure people abide by the set laws. They can range from traffic rules to the way people relate to each other.

Trial and appellate courts

After citizens have been arrested for breaking different laws, they are taken to court, where their cases will be heard and determined. It is upon the lawyers and another officer soft eh court to process the case. There is several department soft eh court system in the United States. People can be taken to the state or federal courts. It is upon those who have been arrested for defending themselves in the courtrooms. People are given fair and equal opportunity to argue their cases and prove their innocence if they feel they have been arrested falsely.


It is a department under the system where those accused of different issues can defend themselves. The prosecution is tasked with laying out the case and providing the evidence to prove that someone did a certain wrong. There are several processes that the officers in the department can take to collect evidence then defend it in court so that those accused can access justice.

Public defender offices

The offers are tasted with defending people after they have been accused. In the United States, it is required for people to prove beyond doubt that someone did a specific wrong before they can be fined or taken to court. The process involves attorneys and other people who understand the law. Lawyers can be of great help when faced with the charges.

Departments of corrections

The department is tasked with helping people reform after they have committed certain crimes. It involves jail and other correction facilities. The facilities are spread across the state, and they offer different services that are aimed at helping people reform. When people are faced with the cases, they can be taken to corrective facilities to help them reform.

Parole agencies

They are tasked with helping people get parole in case they have reformed. The court system is designed in such a way people are allowed to reform. According to  Diego Ruiz Durán the court system plays a great role in helping people reform.


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