Rep. Justin Amash to Leave Republican Party

Michigan Representative Justin Amash announced earlier this week that after long a painful deliberation he had decided that the Republican Party, as it is now constituted, no longer served the interests of his constituents, and so he is renouncing his membership in the party — effective immediately.

Response to his announcement was quick, and divided. President Trump, of the Republican part, tweeted that his resignation from the party was ‘great news.’ Other party leaders in Michigan and other states gave out press releases stating they were sorry to see Amash leave the party, where he had been an effective leader in the past. Conservative groups, who deplored his statements that Congress should proceed with impeachment proceedings against President Trump, were in the main happy that he has disassociated himself from the Republican party.

It is unknown if Rep. Amash will now present a motion for impeachment in the House this month or not. His press office was not responding to questions today.

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