How Jason Preston is Making a Difference in Utah Running for Congress

Voters today want a representative that doesn’t just sell to them but connects with them. They want a politician who is less concerned about power and climbing a political ladder, and more concerned about actually serving the people. This is a person that will go all out to show their constituents that they understand and support them.

Jason Preston is an entrepreneur who has managed to build such a campaign. We had a chat with him about his journey and his work that’s making a difference.

About Jason Preston

Jason Preston is like any other ordinary American but with something unique within him. When he was 12, his parents got divorced. The next decade was full of a series of moves; trouble in school; and generally turning into a rough person. When he was 19, he white knuckled his way to sobriety and eventually served an honorable full time mission.

He married, had children, and by all outward appearances was doing really well. After founding the Tour of Utah and a Dental branding company, he realized he knew very little of the psychological damage his parent’s divorce had on him as a child. Eventually, he was divorced, estranged from all his closest relationships, and struggling physically and mentally more than he ever had. 

After getting alot of help from professionals and close family over the last 4 years, he then decided to start this campaign by applying the techniques and principles he learned from building his businesses. 

Making A Difference with His Campaign

Jason is out to inspire freedom-seeking men and women with his core policy: the people are responsible for preserving their own freedoms, not politicians or government bureaucracies.

For the last 6 years, he has talked with over 5,000 business owners about their frustrations with government and bureaucracies.

Jason advises people to get things done by understanding whose thinking they are thinking. He states that most people are living a life that they were told to live. People think that to succeed, they have to follow a specific path laid out for them. But if you follow a fixed path, you may discover that the opportunities are limited. You might discover, as Jason did, that the dream is not all that you were told it would be.

This entrepreneur-turned congressional candidate says that “understanding whose thinking I’m thinking helped in becoming the best me.” Through his campaign, he inspires people to become the best version of themselves. When you check his website, you’ll find that he tells it how it is.

Jason’s campaign is all about encouraging people to think differently. You don’t have to fit in. Instead, you can embrace the different opinions you have about life and forge your own journey. No more excuses, incomplete goals, or drowning in addiction. It’s up to you to get clear what you want in life despite the status quo.

Feel free to connect with Jason from his social media:

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