Turkey demands explanation from Kiev over sanctions hit list — Analysis

According to a website that is supported by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, restrictions should be imposed on Turkish businesses working in Russia.

Turkey asked “explanations”The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavrusoglu stated Wednesday that the Ukrainian government had launched a campaign to sanction Turkish businesses. Turkish diplomats have taken steps to clarify the situation “both in Kiev and Ankara,”The minister spoke to journalists.

Cavusoglu confirmed that Turkey is aware of an extensive Ukrainian “campaign”These targets are not “just Turkish companies”Over 18,000 entities and individuals from different parts of the globe were questioned by the US about their supposed Russian ties. However, it is “our companies that interest us,”He added.

A Turkish newspaper Aydinlik had reported on a site that the foreign minister claimed was fraudulent. “affiliated with the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs” that lists individuals and entities it wants sanctioned over their alleged dealings with Russia.

Ankara angered by anti-Turkish campaign in Ukraine – media

Turkish government “requested clarifications”According to the paper, it was reported by the Ukrainian ambassador in Ankara as well the government at Kiev on September 11. 

“Considering our existing strategic partnership, solidarity and cooperation with Ukraine, it’s expected that Turkish individuals and organizations won’t be targeted by sanctions,” a diplomatic source told Aydinlik.

The ‘War & sanctions’ website, which describes itself as “the main database of sanctions imposed over Russia’s attack on Ukraine,” says it is supported by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention. The site also includes lists of people and businesses. “that have already been subjected to sanctions”And they, who “are yet to be subjected to sanctions.”

Borrell compares anti-Russia sanctions to ‘diet’

It lists, among other things foreigners who work for Russian companies as well as foreign companies that have Russian assets and should therefore be subject to sanctions “for their support of Russia’s war against Ukraine.” 

Subsidiary companies of at least three Turkish banks – Ziraat Bank, Isbank and Credit Europe Bank – are on the list, among thousands of other entities.

Although Kiev hasn’t made any public comments on the Turkish reaction so far, Ukraine repeatedly called for other nations to continue putting pressure on Moscow, such as the US and allies in Europe.

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