The Smartwatch Popularity: Is It Worth the Buy?

Smartwatches are becoming the most sought-after IT tools with more features being added to keep the users connected in any way they want. With a much more affordable price than a phone, smartwatches continue to progress as a lead in the market. Smartwatches, such as the Huawei Fitbit, come packed with some fantastic features that are easy to operate and save you the trouble of checking your phone after every second. So, the question arises if it’s actually worth the hype.

Below are some notable features the smartwatches offer.

Health and Physical Activity Trackers

Smartphones are ideal to look for if fitness tracking or health monitoring is your primary goal. Of course, many devices exist that are exclusively made to measure fitness and health, but smartwatches get the upper edge, courtesy of their ideal dimensions. 

With a smartwatch, not only can you monitor your heart rate, but you can also keep track of your blood pressure, sleep, menstrual cycle, blood oxygen saturation and physical activities. It also provides you with activity reminders along with various workout modes.

A GPS on Your Wrist

Most smart devices come with the feature of accessing GPS or Google Maps. However, smartwatches also provide smart navigation via vibrations from your wrists.

This feature becomes of great use when you don’t have to look at your phone screen repeatedly. Instead, smartwatches would just tell you to turn left when you need to, based on the vibrations from your walking movements.

For older citizens or visually impaired individuals, this feature comes in handy to help them find their way around.

A Mini Smartphone

A smartwatch is a smartphone but reduced in size to fit on your wrist. It can do almost anything a smartphone can do. 

It can allow you to access your social media, emails, text messages, calendars, etc. It also provides you with the feature of categorising important and unimportant messages and emails and giving reminders to reply to them. 

Most smartwatches come with the feature of SOS and GPS services, so you can call someone in an emergency or even share your location with your friends and family.

New generation smartwatches also allow a person to make and receive calls if the smartwatch comes with cellular connectivity capabilities.

Your Own Personal Assistant

Another fun function of the smartwatches is that you can leave tags with reminders for different tasks that are to be done. For example, you can feed on your smartwatch to remind you to make a phone call at 7. You can also connect your smartwatch to all the other smart devices in your home and control them from your watch.

Some smartwatches also come with features of controlling their music playlists, finding their phones, snapping a photo from their phones by a remote shutter. In addition, you can also use features like Weather, Flashlight, Alarm clock, Timer, and Stopwatch.

Conclusion- Is it Worth the Buy?

Smartwatches have some key and handy features that can be put to use in daily life. It is a very convenient device designed for the ease and satisfaction of the user. However, they remain dependent on smartphones, so they can not be used as replacements. If you are a heavy user, then the battery life might be a slight tick. The size of the screen also often proves to be a disadvantage.

However, comparing the cons to the pros, the advantages definitely get the edge proving it to be worth the investment.



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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