ByteDance, The Owner Of TikTok Has Launched A New Search Engine In China

ByteDance is the owner of TikTok, a popular and circulated short video app that is ruling the lives of youngsters nowadays, launches a new search engine in China. They are entering a sector which is dominated by Baidu as of now. Bytedance is a Beijing based business company famous in news and video as well as in messaging and music streaming. It competes with Tencent Holdings and other Chinese tech firms currently. And the domain of the new search engine which we are talking about is Toutiao Search which is within the company’s flagship product – Chinese news aggregator Jinri Toutiao.

The company has posted about their requirements on social media and stated that they are looking for people who would like to work with them in the search engine team. They have moreover, hired technical experts from Google, Baidu, and Bing search engines. They have also stated that the search engine will show contents from ByteDance-owned apps that include Jinri Toutiao and TikTok’s Chinese version and even from the worldwide web.

We have estimated that about two new players are emerging in the search engine market each year,” said Ping Xiaoli, general manager of Baidu App to reporters last week when they asked him about the search engine news. “We have been dominating the market over the past two decades,“-he also added.

Baidu is the most popular and dominant search engine in China since Google decided to give up on the Chinese search engine market (2010). Chinese requested the US government to filter its search results, but that went in vain. And then Baidu accounted for 66 percent of the desktop searches 71 percent of mobile searches in China in 2018 as per the market researcher StatCounter.


Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth is an American technology journalist and author. Sarah is that the former co-host of internet video show on Yahoo. She was a technical school Ticker and was a journalist at BusinessWeek. Sarah was a journalist at TechCrunch till Nov 19, 2011. She is that the author of three books: Once you’re Lucky, double you’re sensible (2008), that additionally goes below the title. The Stories of Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace; good, Crazy, Cocky: however the highest I Chronicles of Entrepreneurs cash in on international Chaos (2011); and A womb may be a Feature, Not A Bug (2017).

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