The Apps Making Workplaces More Efficient 

All business leaders and workplace managers strive for efficiency. Technology has always played a large part in the creation of more efficient workplaces – ever since the invention of the wheel! Things are no different in the digital age: software has become one of the most important driving technological forces in the working world. Software is used for everything from communication to data analysis. The development of AI-capable software promises to make workplaces even more efficient in the future. Here are some of the most significant kinds of applications being used in the streamlining of workloads today. 

Employee Communication

Employee communication apps like Simpplr act as an intranet-based internal communication system. They allow employees to communicate with each other without exposing their messages to the internet at large. The best employee communication applications allow staff members to use their mobile phones to access company directories. They can send push notifications to mobile devices – allowing business leaders to pass on important information effortlessly and effectively. 

Video Conferencing 

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more businesses have decided to adopt hybrid and remote working models. During the pandemic, almost all businesses had to adopt the remote working concept. Video conferencing applications were essential in this turbulent time. The use of video conferencing applications soared in popularity and became standard practice in many sectors. Now that the worst of the pandemic is (hopefully) behind us, it is clear to see that the widespread use of video conferencing apps is far from being a mere hangover of the global crisis. 

Video conferencing lets companies bring remote workers into the fold – allowing them to attend meetings no matter where they are in the world. These applications are essential collaborative tools in our ever more fractured working world. 

Project Management 

Project management has never been easy. All projects require the coordination of multiple stakeholders, budgets, workers, and a lot of data. Project management applications have become extremely popular due to the degree of simplification that they can offer. The best project management software consolidates all the elements of a project and allows them to be monitored or affected from a central digital hub. In theory, this increases the efficiency of collaboration and reporting. Many project managers swear by the use of software in the monitoring and controlling of the projects that they oversee. 

Workplaces are always looking for ways to become more efficient and a time clock app with GPS is one way to do that. By tracking employees’ time and location, businesses can ensure that staff is where they’re supposed to be and that their time is being used effectively. In addition, the time clock app can help to improve communication between managers and employees. For example, if an employee is running late for a meeting, the manager can easily see their current location and decide whether or not to wait for them. In short, a time clock app with GPS can help to make workplaces more efficient by improving time management and communication.


Accounting is immensely important in every workplace, but accountants spend a great deal of their time completing mundane tasks. Advanced accounting software automates some of the more banal accounting tasks and accurately keeps the necessary records, allowing professional accountants more time to work on complex and potentially money-saving projects. 

Time Tracking 

Time tracking applications like RescueTime are great for people who fear that they may be inefficiently pursuing their goals. These applications track the amount of time a person spends on other applications – such as the internet – and then provide that person with a report so they can plan their days more efficiently in the future. 

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