Kristen Samartzis: Charleston’s Premier Realtor

Charleston, South Carolina has become one of the hottest real estate markets in recent years for folks looking for the serenity, quaintness and beauty that Charleston has to offer. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this trend, with New Yorkers and many on the West Coast making a mass exodus for Charleston – and with that, has been a boon for business for many realtors.

Kristen Samartzis has quickly become one of the most sought after realtors in Charleston, in relatively short order. A dynamic and highly ambitious realtor who enjoys living vicariously through her clients as they embark on the next chapters of their lives, Kristen is honest and direct in her commitment to serve others. As a resident of Mount Pleasant, SC, she enjoys servicing the Charleston Tri-County Area and specializes in relocations and lifestyle transitions in her quest to help people achieve their dreams of owning a home. Her goal is to secure the future and happiness of her clients.

Coming from 3 generations of Real Estate Professionals, Kristen has watched the housing market evolve from when she joined the industry as one of the first sales reps for in 2001. This was a pivotal time in the housing industry that changed the way people shopped for homes and how realty professionals catered to their clients. This transition instilled in her an understanding of the fundamentals of building, buying and selling properties. With the sales and marketing experience she obtained from running her own business and the cultural sensitivity and awareness acquired thereof, she is an adept negotiator with great interpersonal skills.
Distinctive of Kristen is her eye for details and ability to see beyond what is in front of her. With a team of contractors, specialists and industry professionals ready to make any transaction smooth and easy, she takes pride in being attentive to individual needs with a consistency that is unrivaled. By working relentlessly to facilitate successful transactions, her positivity, great energy and humor is contagious, earning her the trust and confidence of both first-time and repeat clients time and again.

We at MassNews anticipate continuing to see Kristen build on her success as the Charleston real estate market continues to grow and as values continue appreciating further.

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