Telegram threatened with removal from app stores in EU country — Analysis

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser called for tech companies to be accountable for illegal content in apps

Following a meeting with regional governments, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has reaffirmed the government’s aggressive stance on Telegram, pressuring the company to address its hands-off approach to extremist content on its platform.

Faeser took to Twitter to call on Apple and Google for responsibility for the apps sold in their stores.

Faeser claimed, specifically by naming Telegram: “The app provides a platform for the acceleration of the spread…” “right-wing extremism” “conspiracy theories,”Individuals can also be subject to more severe harm.

“The social network Telegram and comparable providers serve people in Germany as a networking [platform for Covid protest movements], corona deniers and right-wing radicals,”A joint declaration was made by regional interior ministers.

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This comes days after Germany threatened Telegram to be blocked in Germany. “last resort”If the company does not cooperate with the government to stop the spread of hate and extremism via its platform, it will be punished.

Germany has clashed with Telegram over the belief that the app infringes on the nation’s Network Enforcement Act, which requires social media companies to quickly remove illegal content after an official complaint is filed.

The German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) have previously accused Telegram of failing to respond when asked to delete far-right content, according to the country’s Die Welt newspaper. In 2021, the German government claimed it never received a reply from the company’s headquarters after sending letters in April demanding Telegram provide an official with a person to contact if they need to complain about content.

Telegram had to be careful, Marco Buschmann, German Justice Minister, warned Telegram in January. “adhere to our laws”You could be fined millions.

The German government’s campaign to challenge Telegram comes as the app rises in popularity in the country. Statista data shows that between 2018-2021 the number of users who use Telegram regularly increased from 7% to 15%

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