The Top 5 Apps to Scout Streetwear

Online shopping and streetwear go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter where you’re located on the globe, the only thing standing in the way between you and the latest drop is the speed of your internet connection. Thanks to smartphones you can even shop on the go, and many brands are recognizing the benefits to making shopping easier than ever before. Apps make for easier navigation than on a regular website when viewed on the smaller screens of our phones, and in some cases can even change the way we shop altogether. There are hundreds of streetwear shopping apps to choose from in iTunes and the Google Play store, but these five are some of the most unique, easy to use and exciting ones available today. 

Grailed App

This wouldn’t be a streetwear app roundup without mentioning Grailed. Founded by Arun Gupta in 2013, the website was born due to Gupta’s own passion for high-end fashion, but he was limited by his college student budget. 

The app describes itself as a “curated peer-to-peer marketplace for new and lightly worn luxury menswear” and has become one of the most popular sources of streetwear for online shoppers due to its affordable prices, fresh pieces and wide variety that means there is something for everyone. These are divided up into three categories: grailed (highly sought-after pieces from well-known designers and labels), hype (streetwear and new releases) and basics (vintage and mass market brands), meaning you can find everything from big name brands like Nike, Supreme and Stüssy to vintage Raf Simons, Helmut Lang and Number (N)ine. 

Through the app you can search and find a piece you’ve been looking for, stock up on basics you need for the office and discover new brands all in the same place. Users can be both buyers and sellers, making it a natural place for a streetwear community to grow. Although still relatively new, Grailed is one of the older apps on the list and due to the length of time it has been around has managed to build an entire reading section where you can catch up on upcoming drops, the latest trends and the future of streetwear. 


GOAT was one of the first sneakers-only streetwear shopping apps, founded by Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano after Sugano was ripped off by purchasing a fake pair of Air Jordan 5 Retro Grapes on eBay. Despite not carrying other apparel, sneakers are an essential part of the streetwear world and the GOAT app is one of the best places you can go to find them. Carrying everything from the most iconic kicks like the Yeezy Boosts or Nike Air Max’s to more exclusive drops, you can browse through hundreds of thousands of options or search shoes based on their condition, size and the person who designed them. While there are other sneaker shopping apps out there like Unlaced and KicksOnFire, the GOAT app remains top dog because of its easy navigation and wide selection of streetwear favorites. 

Depop App

Although Depop isn’t exclusively a streetwear app, as the thrift store of the internet it is still one of the top places to grab vintage brands and modern streetwear such as Supreme, Thrasher and Tommy Hilfiger. Simon Beckerman founded the company in 2011, anticipating that in the future people would use the internet on their phones more often than on a computer. The app interface is reminiscent of Instagram: you create an account and then follow other sellers whose listings then show up on your personalized home feed. Also like Instagram, it comes with an in-app messaging system and camera which makes it easier to communicate as well as set up your own selling account, and helps to personalize the experience for everyone. It is easier to navigate than other sources of vintage like eBay, and also has a buyer protection policy in place, so if you get a fake item that you thought was authentic or was not delivered as described you are covered and can get refunded. 

StockX App

StockX took cues from the success eBay had in reselling, but improved on the model and made it more streetwear friendly. It was started in 2016 by founders Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz and Chris Kaufman who wanted to make a selling platform that was more “stock market-like.” Like eBay, sellers can list their pieces at a certain price and allow buyers to bid on the item, but unlike the famous auction app StockX discloses the price histories for many items, giving buyers an idea of the item’s true value. While the items are usually on the higher end when it comes to price point and desirability, with that comes the guarantee that they are always verified and if authenticity can’t be proved they can be sent back. This also means that if you are looking for pieces that are truly rare and unique, StockX is the place to go. The app can be a little confusing or intimidating for some at first, but if you are looking for authentic and rare items it is one of your best bets on finding them. 

droppTV App

Rounding out the roundup is droppTV. Founded and led by Gurps Rai and Christopher Kelly, dropp is one of the most revolutionary up-and-coming shopping apps available today. The idea came to Rai when he first watched Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video and wanted to find out where he could purchase the red Moncler puffer jacket featured in it. He couldn’t find the information anywhere on the internet, and wondered “why can’t I just click on the jacket in the video itself and purchase it directly from there?” 

droppTV was born out of this idea, and became the world’s first shoppable streaming platform. The shopatainment app uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision algorithms to recognize products in video content and tags them in real time, meaning all you have to do to buy a product in the video is give it a tap with your finger. With dropp, you can watch videos from your favorite musicians such as Ashanti and A$AP TyY while shopping from the Yeezy Supply line or for limited edition Nike shoes. The clean design makes the app one of the simplest and most easy to use –– you never even have to leave or pause the video to complete your purchase. The shopatainment app also has exclusive collaborations with musical artists and big names in the streetwear circle, meaning there are often items featured that are exclusively available on it. Of all the apps mentioned, droppTV has the biggest potential to completely transform the streetwear market for the better.

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