Learning Amidst the Pandemic: Top Sites for Online Classes

The first covid-19 case was confirmed on December 31st of the year 2019. Since that day, our lives changed drastically, far from how it was before the pandemic. If students are used to going to their schools, sit beside their classmates, and enjoy their lunch with their friends, these things are not possible today.

Because of the pandemic, schools were forced to conduct classes online, at home. Luckily with the help of technological advancement, this is possible. Using their computers and mobile devices, it’s possible to learn at home. But always remember that not every website can help students, which explains the urgency of finding the best websites.


Virtual files play a significant role in students’ lives with online classes since there’s no other way for them to pass their assignments and projects and receive reading materials from their teachers other than doing it by sending and receiving files using the internet. That is why these files need to be compact, compatible with any device and secured.

All of the features above mentioned are offered by PDFBear. It is a website that offers file conversion of various files such as PDF to PDFA, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, text files, and other formats to PDF. This website’s feature is vital to students because there are many advantages to having a PDF format.

PDFBear can also provide such extra features that are not just limited to pdf file conversion. Additional benefits of this online platform include merging PDF files for students to manage their files. It is also extremely secure due to its 256-Bit encryption system for setting up your passwords; it can also control sharing and unauthorized access.


Many students struggle in making their construction of essays and other written works free from any grammatical errors. Making schoolwork that is free from grammatical mistakes is essential to understand the student’s message. This will also help the students to earn good grades. It is where Grammarly becomes useful.

This is a platform that will help students make their work clear, concise, and convincing to the readers and teachers. It examines and corrects the punctuation, spelling errors, and grammar of the essays and articles so that the teacher would give the student a high mark. You just have to paste your output on their website, and it will automatically check the errors.

It is possible to use the platform with your device browser, and it can also be downloaded on your smartphones. It can also be incorporated into MS Word to see their work mistakes while composing your essays. It can also help by recommending better words to put. Lastly, it checks whether your work is plagiarized or not.


Conducting online classes is hard for both students and teachers but more so with students. Although the teachers will still teach students, it is still not enough because there will be problems along the way, such as slow internet connection and power interruptions. That is why the students need to read, but reading requires focus and time.

With Audible, the students will not be going to read books with their eyes, but instead, the software will read the books for them, so that means that they can still do the chores while listening to the books. Audible contains more than 470,000 books in their library from different genres.

Audible also offers excellent features like navigation of chapter, bookmarks, sleep mode, playback speed, and support multitasking so that the user can listen to the book while using other applications and downloading for offline usage. The subscription price for the application is $14.95, an excellent deal for students who want to learn new pieces of knowledge.

Google Meet

Due to the pandemic, schools were mandated to do classes online; it is now the venue where teachers can talk to their students and ask their teachers questions. It is possible because of video-conferencing tools. There are so many video-conferencing platforms on the internet, but still, Google Meet is the most effective and useful. 

It is a free-to-use website; all you need to have is a google account for you to use it. It can hold a meeting that has 100 participants and can still deliver a good conference. It offers features such as sharing of the screen to display the students’ presentations. You can also add a design to your background while the meeting is ongoing to make it more professional.

It’s also possible to record the whole duration of the meeting so that the students can have something to study. Lastly, it is very secured because it utilizes encryption for the students’ safety and the confidentiality of the discussions, so you wouldn’t have to think about a random stranger joining your class discussions.


Aside from the stress caused by the anxiety that the virus has given to these students, the learning model that they are experiencing today is also a great contributor to students’ stress. The stress of learning the class topics alone, having no social life, the overflowing classwork, and the house chores can affect these students’ mental health.

Youtube is a great website to relieve stress and break from all the school and pandemic-related issues. With more than one billing upload every minute, you will indeed find something that will take your stress away and distract your mind from all the worries that this pandemic brought to all of us.

This website is an excellent platform to watch your favorite vloggers and personalities and listen to your favorite songs. The videos on this website are all free, but they also offer a subscription to view their videos without annoying ads.


If there is one thing this pandemic taught all of us, it’s the idea that the only constant thing in this world is change. This pandemic teaches us that some things in life are out of our control, and the only thing we can do is to utilize what we have to make things better. Luckily we have technology on our side. 

Even though this virus separated us from each other, we still have the technology to connect us. Using the right and appropriate tools, students can still do what needs to be done. All these may be far from over, but we are equipped with tools to help us better the situation. But for now, all we can do is pray and hope that this will be over soon.



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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