UK ignored ‘sex for aid’ scandal victims – watchdog — Analysis

A watchdog said that abuse cases in humanitarian sectors are still not being reported despite attempts to combat sexual exploitation.

UK has not listened to the grieving victims “sex for aid”Independent watchdog says scandals continue despite the organization’s efforts to eradicate abuses in the humanitarian sector.

Independent Commission for Aid Impact, (ICAI), released a Thursday report claiming that: “top-down”The government’s approach is not sufficient because the recipients of assistance aren’t listened to or might be reluctant to report abuse.

ICAI stated that the UK was on its way “has played an important role in galvanising international action on protecting people from sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian crises,”However, Sir Hugh Bayley, the commissioner of this commission, criticized officials regarding the use of that system.

“Its top-down approach requires those delivering UK aid to spend more time reporting back to the FCDO [Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office] than listening to the people they are seeking to protect and addressing their needs,”Bayley spoke.

After claims by Oxfam workers that they had sexually exploited Haitian victims in 2010, the UK began to fight sexual exploitation in the aid sector. Britain held an international safeguarding summit later.

Oxfam failed to properly respond to aid worker sex scandal in Haiti – report

Abuse cases are still being underreported, according to the ICAI’s findings, which cited a survey in Uganda where recipients remained hesitant to report cases over concerns about the length of the investigative process and fears over corruption.

Stephanie Draper is the chief executive officer of Bond. A network of UK charities, NGOs and other organizations, she was highly praised. “important steps”The FCDO took the following steps, but stated that they were hampered due to a lack of information “around incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse and what works where, and how to address and prevent it.”

The spokesperson of the FCDO stated that UK is an a. “world leader”Adverse behavior in the aid sector is addressed. “We continue to prioritise this work, protecting the most vulnerable and making sure money does not go to organisations that fall short of high safeguarding standards,”According to the Guardian, the representative said the following:

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