Number of Americans willing to take up arms against government revealed — Analysis

A poll indicates that the majority of Americans see the US government as biased against them, with 25% expressing concern about violence.

A new poll found that nearly half of Americans consider themselves strangers within their country. A majority feel that their government is corrupt, and more than one quarter believe they may need to take arms.

Institute of Politics of the University of Chicago published a poll on Tuesday that revealed the extent of public discontent. For the purpose of studying the divisions in the country, two pollsters were commissioned from each major party to survey 1,000 registered voters.

Results showed that Americans are dissatisfied with the US across ideological and political lines. Overall, 49% felt more like they were being treated as strangers back home, and this was truer for Republicans, Independents, and Conservatives. However, the feeling of alienation is felt by Democrats as well. 40% agreed with some extent.

If they were asked, would they say that the government was important to them? “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me,”56% said that they did. Only Democrats had a slightly higher percentage of respondents who disagree with the statement, at 21% more than those who agreed.

It is stated that “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government”It was supported in part by 28% Americans. This includes 38% of Republicans, 36%, 35%, Independents and 37% who own guns at home. Even soft Democrats 19% believe that armed resistance might be needed.

While supporters of the major parties distrust their government, they don’t like each other much either, the poll suggested. 73% agreed that Democrats were the best. “bullies”70% of Democrats said they are trying to force their opinions on others. “generally untruthful.”74% and 69% agreed with the questions asked by Democrats to ask about Republicans.

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However, people aren’t yet ready to accept segregation based on political boundaries. Americans seem to be overwhelmingly okay with people from other camps marrying in their families or teaching their kids school.

According to 50% of those surveyed, the root problem with US political differences is the opposite side. “misinformed,”35% of respondents acknowledged there had been honest disagreements.

Respondents polled believed that news editors, newscasters and reporters were 48%. “trying to get their own viewpoint across,”Instead of “presenting the facts with as little bias as possible,”This view was supported 37%.

Commentators on social media and cable news were perceived to be more politically oriented than local news which 74% of respondents trust to accurately report the events. Political lines were not the only ones that divided opinion on national newspapers such as The New York Times. Only 24% perceive the New York Times as being honest, while 70% consider them to be.

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