Jeffrey Epstein cut secret deal with Prince Andrew’s rape accuser — Analysis

In a 2009 confidential settlement, Virginia Giuffre agreed to pay the deceased pedophile $500,000

Jeffrey Epstein paid Virginia Giuffre $500,000 in a 2009 legal settlement, in which she agreed not to sue anyone linked to the convicted sex offender that could be a “potential defendant,” a newly unsealed court document shows.

The settlement was made public by a New York court on Monday as part of Giuffre’s ongoing civil suit against Prince Andrew. Unspecified damages are sought by the plaintiff, who alleges that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted and abused her as a teenager.

Epstein, his accomplice and now-convicted sex dealer Ghislaine Maxiwell forced the woman to have sex.

Her lawsuit now faces a crucial challenge on Tuesday, when Prince Andrew’s lawyers will seek to have the case dismissed on the basis of the settlement. Prince Andrew, who has denied Giuffre’s accusations, had filed the document as part of his legal brief in October, contending that its “broad release”Precautions “future legal disputes”He and others alleged Epstein associates are being held against.

In the filing, his attorneys noted that because of Prince Andrew’s status as a “senior”He is a British monarch “falls into one of the expressly identified categories of persons”Who were they? “released from liability”As “a third-party beneficiary”The 2009 agreement.

Prince Andrew may not be mentioned, but the settlement seems to cover him. “expressly identified categories of persons,”Includes “royalty”Also available: “politicians, academicians, businessmen, and others allegedly associated with Epstein.”

Prince Andrew accuser seeks evidence of ‘no sweating’ claim

According to the 2009 agreement, confidential until now, Giuffre was also known as her maiden name Roberts. “release, acquit, satisfy, and forever discharge” Epstein and “any other person or entity who could have been included as a potential defendant”For claims dating back to the beginning of this year, you can file a legal action “from the beginning of the world.”

However, her lawyers say the terms of the agreement pertain only to Florida – where Giuffre alleged she was sexually abused by Epstein – and were thus “irrelevant”The Epstein deal covers allegations of sexual abuse in New York and London by Prince Andrew. According to her legal team, the Epstein agreement is not applicable. “outside the four corners”The case against Prince Andrew.

The document’s unsealing had been ordered on December 29.



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