NATO boss cancels visit to Germany — Analysis

Jens Stoltenberg arranged a series in-person meetings to be held in Germany, and Romania.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg abruptly cancelled his Thursday visit to Berlin, hours before he was scheduled to arrive in Berlin. His office reports that the chief of NATO’s military alliance has been diagnosed with shingles.

Stoltenberg was due to arrive in Berlin as part preparations for the NATO summit that will be held in Madrid, Spain from June 29-30.

Other topics planned for discussion were Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine and its effect on Euro-Atlantic security; as well as the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO.

NATO chief names conditions for Finland and Sweden

The NATO chief informed Berlin’s authorities on Thursday that he will not attend the high-profile talks.

Later, a NATO official informed the German media Stoltenberg had been diagnosed as having shingles. This was due to his recent Covid-19 infected.

Shingles, a viral infection, usually results in a single blister on the one side. The disease isn’t life-threatening, but the rash it causes can be very painful.

Due to his illness, Stoltenberg must work at home. The 63-year-old’s planned meetings in Germany and Romania will now be conducted remotely, the official said.

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