Architect Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA Speaks on His New Business Venture

Architect Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA Talks About His New Business Venture

Recently, architectural design firms ARCHCON Architecture and ARCHCON Design Build announced that they are merging to become DALLENBACH·COLE ARCHITECTURE. Senior Project Manager Cheryl Cole has been promoted to Associate Partner of the company.

Managing Partner Jeffrey S. Dallenbach says that the new partnership and brand will act as a symbol for the company’s growth. Dallenbach is proud that the company is growing from within. DALLENBACH-COLE Architecture will remain a complete architecture firm that prioritizes its clients above all. The firm will continue to offer great advice while promoting technical excellence. Dallenbach says that continued design excellence in the self storage, governmental, and commercial sectors are the firm’s main priorities.

About Jeff Dallenbach

Jeffrey S. Dallenbach graduated from Texas A&M. He gained experience through working for several prestigious firms early in his career. Dallenbach soon developed a reputation for being ambitious. Dallenbach was committed to learning everything about building and project management. Dallenbach became a leader after working for Marmon Mok Architects. Working with distinguished clients throughout Texas helped Dallenbach develop his skills.

Dallenbach also gained experience working for The American Institute of Architects. As the Commissioner of the AIA, Dallenbach led programs on professional development and was eventually named to the Board of Directors. Soon after, Dallenbach created ARCHCON. This allowed Dallenbach to become a Master Builder. He also took a more active role in accounting and bidding as well. ARCHCON helped complete several large construction projects.

ARCHCON has build multiple manufacturing centers around Texas. ARCHCON has become a reliable contractor for hotel owners. The firm has assisted on healthcare projects throughout Texas, as well as project management services. Dallenbach said that he was committed to providing his clients with outstanding work in a timely fashion. Dallenbach created ARCHCON Architecture, where he developed repeat clients.

However, Dallenbach still envision a hybrid team, where architects, contractors, and owners would share the same vision, leading to the creation of DALLENBACH·COLE ARCHITECTURE. Dallenbach has experience designing spaces for his clients in a number of different ways. However, with this new venture, Dallenbach is focused on the storage industry, which he developed an interest in through multiple articles and seminars.

Dallenbach relies on the principles Define, Design, and Develop. Those principles helped guide Dallenbach to create a successful team between the builder, owner, and architect. The hope is that long-lasting relationships will be created. DALLENBACH·COLE ARCHITECTURE wants to improve the efficiency of infrastructure projects.

Efficiency lags when there is poor communication between project managers, contractors, and subcontractors. Everyone must be on the same page or the entire project will be thrown off. Budgeting mistakes can also cause problems. Projects may also be affected by environmental issues. Dallenbach wants to stay ahead of any potential issues.

Dallenbach notes that self-storage is one of the quickest growing industries in the World. Many of the facilities are privately owned, which allows project management firms to develop relationships with their clients. Dallenbach notes that all of his storage locations have a unique design. He uses a hybrid mix of materials and textures. All of Dallenbach’s work is designed to establish consumer trust.




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