Refine your Customer Service with Contact Centre Solutions

The business world has always been highly competitive and with consumers turning to e-commerce due to the current covid-19 pandemic, customer service is critical. In the event a customer calls your customer support number and no one responds or if they have to deal with a machine that keeps telling them to hold, this will certainly frustrate the caller. If you would like to have customer service that is second to none, then contact centre solutions are the answer.

How Does a Contact Centre Work?

This is a good question and one that many business owners are asking; a contact centre is remotely located and a number of qualified telephone receptionists are on call throughout the day and night, ready to receive calls at any time. The remotely located receptionists are fully briefed on the client’s business, enabling them to receive a call as if they worked for you full time. Most contact centres guarantee all call answering within 5 seconds and you can’t get much better than that, and what’s more, the call will be answered in the name of your company, so the caller would never know the receptionist is not sitting in your reception area at your registered office.

Flexible Services

The great thing about contact centre solutions is they are very flexible and you can suspend the service at any time, all it takes is a quick call to your assigned manager and they will implement your instructions. If you need to update your information for the remotely located receptionists, this can be done with a simply phone call or email. The contact centre can also handle any volume of calls, which is ideal when you are running a special promotion, or it is the busy time of year, and should you wish to use one of their many services, simply ask your contract manager.

Call Back Solutions

If you have many calls, as with a 24/7 support number, you can take advantage of the call back service, which estimates the waiting time and offers the caller an option to be called back in the very near future. This really is the solution for busy support numbers and the contact centre handles everything, giving your customers more of a choice, with the option to book a return call. If your business is not taking advantage of tech solutions, this article is worth looking into.

Message Taking Services

Any organisation would suffer is the right messages are not passed on to the relevant people and the contact centre would offer a message taking service, with the option to receive messages in any format; SMS, email or a voice call. You might already have a directly employed receptionist and when she takes her annual leave, you can ask the contact centre to hold the fort until she returns. If you experience seasonal surges, your busy periods can be covered by your contact centre partner, who is always ready to take over the phone lines.

All in all, the contact centre has many solutions for all types of businesses and if customer service is important to you, why not outsource your call answering to the professionals.



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