Watch UAE forces intercept incoming missiles over Abu Dhabi — Analysis

Two ballistic missiles from the Yemeni Houthi fighters were intercepted by United Arab Emirates (UAE). Air defense forces destroyed the projectiles, and debris fell on different areas of Abu Dhabi’s capital, according to reports by defense ministry, WAM.

According to multiple witnesses who claimed that they were able to film the scene from the ground during the Monday morning incident, the footage circulated online.

The interceptor missiles had been launched shortly after which it was possible to see what looked like burning debris falling. 

Traffic at Abu Dhabi International Airport was briefly disrupted by the thwarted assault. The ground was unaffected by the attack. There weren’t any injuries.

However, the Houthi rebels will not take responsibility for the launch of missiles. The force is known for attacking Saudi Arabian and UAE targets since Riyadh’s military intervention in Yemen, 2014.

US bomb fragment found in rubble of Yemen airstrike – reports

The Saudi-led coalition reports that debris from an intercepted Houthi bombistic missile fell on two workshops in Jazan’s industrial district in Saudi Arabia late Sunday.

The attacks come after a Saturday coalition strike at a detention facility in Yemen’s northern province of Saada, the stronghold of the Houthis, killed at least 87 people and injured 266 others, according to Doctors Without Borders.

Separate airstrikes were conducted at the Hodeida telecom center, which was located in Yemen’s port city. This knocked down internet access Friday.

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