Mass shooting rocks Los Angeles park — Analysis

A shooting has erupted in a community center in Los Angeles’s San Pedro neighborhood, where an informal car show attended by hundreds of revelers was taking place on Sunday afternoon.

Around 3:50 PM, dozens of police officers responded to Peck Park shooting reports. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, it was not considered an ‘active shooter’ situation, but police had no suspects in custody as of 9pm Sunday evening.

“We don’t know how many shooters we have at this point,” LAPD’s Capt. Kelly Muniz, LAPD’s Capt. “dispute”There was a conflict between the two sides. Numerous weapons were found at the scene.

The scene was captured on video, and shows massive police presence. Paramedics and firefighters also helped to stretcher the victims. Some disturbing online clips showed a man looking pale and motionless lying down on the ground.

Seven people, including four men and three ladies were taken to the local hospital for gunshot wounds. One victim was in critical condition while the other two died.

Although a car display was going on at the park, authorities couldn’t confirm whether the two incidents were related. The fire department spokeswoman said that it wasn’t an organized event and was an informal show of cars by car owners.

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