Israeli spy chief slams Iran’s nuclear ‘charade’ — Analysis

Mossad director vowed to fight Iranian “terrorism” without regard for possible nuclear agreement

Israel won’t feel restricted by the possibility of renewing its nuclear agreement with Iran. It will continue to pursue its goals “state terrorism”Tehran “regime,”Mossad Director David Barnea stated this in a Monday speech.

“We will not take part in this charade. We will not close our eyes to the proven truth,”Barnea spoke at the Reichman University, Herzliya in his first public speech since taking over at Mossad’s reins last year.

“The deal is based on Iranian lies. Iran has sought to build a nuclear weapon that endangers Israel’s existence. The deal will easily help them reach this goal under international legitimization,”He added that “even if a deal is signed, it will not provide immunity from Mossad operations.”

Tehran accused Barnea in masterminding “planned, systematic, and strategic terror”These were perpetrated in part by intelligence agencies as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC). He claimed that it has only gotten worse in the last few months. He said that Mossad has stopped the terrorists. “dozens”There were plans to launch attacks by Iran against Israelis abroad and Jews in other countries, such as Turkey, Colombia, and Cyprus. Barnea also mentioned recent US claims that Iran conspired to assassinate John Bolton (former Trump officials) and Mike Pompeo. 

Mossad chief warns US during visit

Violent attacks against Israel, or Israelis indirectly or directly by their proxies “will be met with a painful response against those responsible, on Iranian soil. We will not pursue the proxies, but the ones who armed them and gave the orders, and this will happen in Iran,”The Mossad Director warned Tehran.

Barnea spoke to the media after his return from Washington. He visited Washington last week and voiced objections about the renewal of Iran’s nuclear deal. 

For over 20 years, Israeli officials have said that Iran was only months away from developing nuclear weapons. Tehran maintains however its intentions remain peaceful. Signed in 2015 by the US along with France, Germany and Russia as well as Iran. The initial nuclear deal was meant to remove many UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic, while also limiting Iran’s ability to enrich its uranium to a level far less than that required to make an atomic bomb. Trump, then the US president, pulled out of the original nuclear deal in 2018 declaring it fundamentally flawed. He also placed additional sanctions on Tehran.

Last month’s leaked draft shows that the agreement will go through four steps. The first stage is to lift sanctions from 17 Iranian banks, and 150 economic entities. Iran will also be immediately scaling back its nukes activities. Its nuclear activity grew beyond what was allowed under the 2015 agreement.



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