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Kevin Luetolf expressed modeling is one of the very renowned as well as a famous paths through which many people have paved their way. Examples of many people can be quoted here who started their struggle as something minor.

Kevin Luetolf

The present age has made this whole process quite easy and more convenient. Numerous paths can be opted to make your way into the world of fashion and show business. You can be an Instagram model, an influencer, a fashion blogger, and much more which can expose you to the outer world. The present article also deals with famous models, celebrities, and fashion sensations with healthy lifestyle coaching. Yes! We are talking about Mr. Kevin Luetolf.

Fashion Industry

Kevin Luetolf has made their way into the fashion industry being a model, healthy lifestyle coach as well as being and influencer. He has suggested many tips for his successors. We are elaborating on those suggestions in the following lines to showcase the way through which Mr. Kevin Luetolf has made his way to these many heights in show business.

We have talked about exposure, right angles, camera beauty, passion, willpower, and physique as well as about the perfect and professional portfolio in the previous article of this series. Now, we will move onwards to the next topic which is of real importance.


Here comes the basic point, if you have a professional portfolio and good looks while you do not have the exposure which can reflect your work and strengths in a real as well as actual manner then how you can present and impress the World? The present era has made working and building portfolios a lot easier for the models, As they can build their profiles and portfolio on social applications such as Instagram and Facebook etc. Your personal Instagram account should be separated from the official Instagram account. After getting an official and separate Instagram account, you can tag the required agencies for more support and exposure.


After getting the proper level of exposure, the next thing which is deeply required is networking. Networking is one of the best ways to pave your path easily in show business. Networking as its name depicts is the idea of building connections with people in the modeling industry. There are various online platforms such as “last minute models” and “Melbourne creative network. Which are the basic places where you can start connecting with the relevant people who can make your success path easy and convenient for you.

The next step in this regard is to get a good agency for you. You can sign some agency for your tasks. The basic tasks of your agency are to bring up the PR of your portfolio as well as find the bigger projects for you.


Kevin Luetolf says that you can choose both options for modeling. The first one is the freelancing modeling routine where you have to carry yourself as well as your social media profiles. And portfolios while keeping on connecting with the media and relevant agencies that can hire you for their tasks.

The second route as per the opinion of Kevin Luetolf is also feasible as well as convenient. As you can hire a company that can search for bigger projects for you in the present as well as in the future. They will be responsible for the media presentation. The Instagram profiles as well as the management and presence of a model on various platforms.

Being a Model

The next step that should always be considered important is the scams. Being a model, you should always avoid scams by having keen observation. This scamming game is usually done by the agencies you sign with or the agencies who work for you. The agencies whom you sign for carrying your projects should be noticed if they ask for the yearly fee as well as the payments in advance. Such kinds of agencies are usually not good to work with.

In the same way, the agencies which hire you should also be noticed. If these agencies ask you for the payments after work, that is a red flag. The basic rule of the payment is the advance for the booking and the rest of the payment is done after completing the project.


There should be legal activity before signing the contract with either of the agencies. If you hire or get hired by a company, you should always make sure to have your paperwork completed before starting your work.

The last but not least suggestion made by Kevin Luetolf is to be persistent. Persistence is the key that should be kept in mind. The luck for every model is different when it comes to showing business. Some people get their work Straight after coming into the field while others have to wait for quite a long period to get the work.


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