How to watch IPL in the USA

IPL is the biggest festival for cricket lovers. It got delayed for 6 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The first match of IPL 2020 happened on March 29, 2020. More than 200 million people tuned in for the first IPL 2020 match. If you are a cricket lover, then you must be looking for the best streaming site. 

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We are going to share all the official details with you. The official streaming partner of IPL 2020 is Hotstar. They have been the official streaming partner of IPL since 2014. Hotstar has promised that they will bring the best experience for everyone. You can enjoy the thrilling IPL matches from your home.

Hotstar is the most affordable OTT option available in the market. Most people can afford their subscription. It is also one of the most popular OTT in India, the USA, the UK, and Canada. 

Why Hotstar is the best option for watching IPL in the USA?

Hotstar is currently the biggest OTT platform for watching Indian shows. It is currently the digital partner of IPL. Thus, you can only watch IPL on Hotstar USA. 

There are many illegal streaming sites that are streaming IPL matches. However, we can’t recommend these streaming sites. These sites are full of malicious things like spyware and malware. You also need to deal with pop-up ads on this site. The main aim of these sites is to drive traffic to other affiliate sites.

You can easily find these streams by using Google or Reddit. However, these streams are clunky and unreliable. Also, they will offer you inferior quality when compared to the Hotstar platform. You might end up downloading malware or spyware in your system. This will result in reduced system performance. You might think that you can watch the IPL stream for free. However, these sites will hurt you in the long-term. We don’t encourage such websites. You should always watch IPL matches on the Hotstar App.

Hotstar will also offer you thousands of movies and shows. You will get access to Hotstar originals series and movies. Thus, you are not going to only pay for the IPL matches. You can enjoy the Hotstar content even after the IPL is over.

Best Features of Hotstar

Some of the best features of Hotstar are:

  • Ad-free experience

If you are watching IPL on TV, then you might need to deal with annoying ads during crucial moments. No one wants to watch ads during the match’s death overs. If you are using Hotstar for watching IPL, then you don’t need to worry about ads. You can watch complete games without worrying about ads.

  • Live Commentary

You can enjoy live commentary on Hotstar. However, the commentary is not limited to only English and Hindi language. It is available in more than 9 regional languages. Thus, you can select your favorite language for enjoying IPL matches. This feature will ensure that you will enjoy IPL matches.

  • Mobile-Optimized

Hotstar has also optimized streaming for mobile users. You can download their app from the App Store or Play Store. They are using advanced technology for providing mobile-optimized videos. Also, you can adjust the video quality according to your internet. There are also various video playback options available in this app. This will ensure that you can playback streaming whenever you want. 

How to buy a Hotstar USA subscription?

You need to buy a subscription to Hotstar USA if you want to watch IPL matches. The best thing about Hotstar plans is that they are straightforward. You can directly go for the annual plan. Also, Hotstar USA is currently offering a 10% discount to new users.

You can use FUN30 during the sign-up process for getting a 10% discount. Thus, you will get a $44.99 plan for only $44.99. You need to pay $69.99 for renewing your Hotstar account. However, you can create a new account and again use the same code for getting a discount. Hotstar is very economical when compared to other OTT platforms.

  • First, open the Hotstar USA site.
  • Create your account by providing your personal details.
  • You need to choose your annual plan.
  • Add your payment option and details. You can use promo code FUN30 for getting a 10% discount.
  • Click on the subscribe button. 

You can now enjoy all the IPL matches on Hotstar. Also, you can enjoy all the shows and movies that are available on the Hotstar.


Most cricket fans were waiting for IPL this year. It got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stage is finally set and IPL teams are trying their best to win the trophy. You should immediately subscribe to Hotstar and watch your favorite teams fighting for the IPL title. 


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