Jack Brown: A Leader in the African American Business Community

It’s a sad state of affairs that racially tinged media hit-pieces are far from a novelty. But what’s even more dangerous concerning this trend is that it risks dissuading and even precluding capable and enterprising businessmen from tackling different social challenges plaguing our society. A perfect illustration of this is the case of Jack Brown, who for decades has been a noted leader in the African American community. A man whose homeless shelters have provided extraordinary services to those that most need it.

It’s no secret that nonprofits are incredibly difficult to operate – particular in a city as bureaucratic as New York, where the amount of red tape hindering small businesses and nonprofits alike, is innumerable. However over the years, Brown has successfully developed CORE Services Group even against these obstacles. The organization is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and making a material difference in the communities the organization services.

Residents at CORE facilities are provided access to jobs and help with vocational training. Without exception they are all treated with an enormous amount of respect and dignity. The organization provides behavioral health training; substance abuse treatment; and permanent housing placement. These are incredibly important services that offer a tremendously valuable service to underserved communities in New York City.

Its shelter facilities in New York City and Washington D.C. are state of the art; and provide a refuge and place for homeless and adult members of the population. The organization also works diligently on recruiting staff members from both communities it services; and also from former clients who have demonstrated a unique ability to live independently in their respective communities.

People like Jack Brown ought to be commended for having the courage and discipline to develop specific programming and facilities to cater to our community’s downtrodden. Not unfairly maligned and smeared by a series of hit pieces that have no basis in reality. The homeless issues plaguing both New York City and Washington, D.C. are incredibly serious and public-private partnerships are the appropriate way to help mitigate those issues. In CORE, Jack Brown has successfully built an incredibly effective organization to help our society’s most vulnerable.


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