Great Date Ideas That Allow You To Have Fun

The traditional date night can be a blast but there are times when you want to do something different. You might find that an untraditional date idea is far more fun than simply going to dinner and a movie. Planning one of these dates can give you something to look forward to. You might have a blast simply because the date is not for you and your significant other. The important aspect of all of this is spending quality time with the person you care about. The following are some great date ideas that will be quite a bit of fun. 


Bowling can be a great idea for a solo date or group date. Most people are not going to be great at bowling so it can be fun to laugh with friends. There are different offerings like that of cosmic bowling and there are weekly specials at a number of alleys. The ability to play other games is present whether you want to play pool or another arcade game. Find a bowling alley that does not allow smoking as this can hamper your experience. Groupon frequently has specials for things like bowling and other fun date activities. 

Try An Escape Room

Finding dates that stimulate you mentally can be something you truly enjoy. Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular all over the country. Searching “escape room near me” can be fruitful but you want to make sure you go to an establishment with multiple options. This could become a regular date especially if there are multiple rooms to choose from. Try doing this with a group as you want to be enjoying your time with people you know instead of strangers. These escape rooms are going to vary by difficulty with some people failing to escape even after extended periods of time. 

Take A City Segway Tour

The city that you live in might have far more than you think. A segway tour can be taken to learn the history of your city. You can even rent segways simply to ride around the city to explore. These tours can be a blast wherever you are located. You can even explore a city close to yours if you have already seen everything you want to see in your city. 

Create Your Own Food Tour 

You might have a number of restaurants where you love a specific item. Taking a food tour getting all of your favorite foods as a couple can be fun. Doing this can also allow you to try all kinds of different restaurants you have not tried before. Research is important as you will want to get a specialty of the restaurants that you are visiting. Asking coworkers or friends can give you recommendations of places that could really appeal to you. 

Certain dates can be so much fun that you’ll want to do it again soon. Finding fun dates can allow you to get outside of the box which can add spice to a relationship that seems stagnant. 

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