Dab Rig vs. Bong

When it comes to weed, one of the most popular methods of consuming it is to use a bong. But there are two main types of bong. 

There’s the regular bong that is popular among hippies, but there’s also the dab and oil rigs. 

Today, I want to cover what the differences are between these two methods. 

Joints and Blunts 

When most people think of Cannabis, they will likely either think of a joint or a blunt. 

The issue with the joint is that it can be rather harsh. With nothing to dilute it, you get less of a slow and gradual effect, and you get very high very quickly. 

To slow down how quickly you get high, you can turn the joint into a blunt by adding tobacco. But the trouble with this is of course that tobacco isn’t too good for your body. 

The bong allows you to get high at a better pace. 

Dab Rig

Let’s first of all, look at how a dab rig works. Using this device, you would place some CBD oil in one section, and some water in another section. 

When you heat the water, the vapour will need to pass through the CBD oil before it can reach you. When it passes through the oil, it will attach to the CBD molecules and bring them up to you, allowing yourself to get the benefits of the chemical. 

As the water will need to get very hot to turn the oil into vapour, they need to be built slightly differently from regular bongs. 


There will be people out there who wish to take Cannabis for health reasons but don’t wish to get high. 

The chemical within Cannabis that has most of the medicinal properties is “CBD”. If you wish to get high, it’s THC you’ll be looking for. 

But by using CBD oil instead of pure Cannabis, you can get what you need to but without getting high. If this is a feeling, you wish to avoid. 

If you find that you enjoy the experience of smoking a bong, but you don’t want any of the THC, then using a dab rig could be the ideal solution. 


From a technical perspective, the bong works similarly to the Dab Rig. 

In one section you put the Cannabis, and in another, you put the clean water. 

When you heat up the water, before it can get into your mouth, it will need to pass through the weed. When it does, it picks up both of the chemicals, THC and CBD. 

The water will need to boil so it can rise, but it doesn’t need to get as hot as it does in a dab rig. 


Although there will be some people who wish to do Cannabis for health reasons, there will be other people who do it because they want to get high. 

For some people, they may enjoy the feeling of getting high but dislike joints or blunts for a variety of reasons. For these people, using a bong can provide the high, but through a more delayed period, and instead of having a mouthful of smoke, it will be diluted by the water vapour. 

Also, because it doesn’t need to get as hot, you can use fewer matches or lighters on getting your weed fix. 


Bongs and Dab rigs can both be effective at doing what they’re supposed to do. When ditching the joints, they can be a welcome alternative. 

If you don’t like the feeling of being high, you should use a dab rig and CBD oil. But if you like being high, you should use a bong. 

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