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Israel is getting ready to launch a giant balloon equipped with a state-of-the-art missile and aircraft detection system to further increase the Jewish state’s air-defense capabilities, the Israeli Defense Ministry has said.

On Wednesday, the ministry posted a video online showing how the massive blimp was inflated from many angles.

The exact specifications of the aircraft, which was dubbed ‘Sky Dew’, haven’t been announced, but it was described as one of the largest of its kind. According to radars on the aircraft, they can detect and track incoming missiles, drones, as well as cruise missiles.

According to the ministry, the system was jointly created by Israel and the US and has been tested in successful ways in recent months. It is expected to soon be in use in the northern part of the country.

Sky Dew will add to existing Israeli land-based detection systems, by placing additional sensors at high altitude. This will enable the installation of higher radars. “provide a significant technological and operational advantage for early and precise threat detection,”Boaz LEVY, the Israeli Aerospace Industries CEO, said that the company helped to develop the system.

Benny Gantz, Defense Minister, has hail the Blimp as a victory. “another technological breakthrough that will strengthen the defense of Israel’s skies and Israeli citizens.”The new system “fortifies the wall of defense that Israel has built in the face of the distant and imminent air threats being built by its enemies,”He said. also available
Israel’s defense minister claims that it was able to downed drones using a plane-mounted Laser (VIDEO).

Concerns over Iranian-made missiles and drones being proliferated in the Middle East have led Israel to work hard on improving its air defenses. Incendiary balloons and makeshift rockets are often launched from Gaza by the Palestinian-armed group Hamas to attack Israel.

According to UN, the Gazan conflict between Israel and Hamas resulted, in May, in more than 254 deaths, including 66 children. The intense firefight on Israel’s side resulted in 12 deaths, with two children.

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