Japan warns of Ukraine-like conflict — Analysis

Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan, stated that Tokyo opposes the use force in the area

Fumio Kishida (Japan’s Prime Minister) has warned of a possible conflict in East Asia akin to the Ukraine. Tokyo and the international communities need stability and peace in Taiwan Strait, he said.

“We must collaborate with our allies and like-minded countries, and never tolerate a unilateral attempt to change the status quo by the use of force in the Indo Pacific, especially in East Asia,”Kishida spoke during Thursday’s meeting in London with Boris Johnson, his British counterpart.

“Ukraine may be East Asia tomorrow,”The Japanese PM was also added.

Kishida indicated that Japan was committed to Taiwanese issues which Beijing seeks to take under its control. These should be settled through dialogue.

After Russia’s attack on the island in February, the island raised its alert level. Joseph Wu, Foreign Minister expressed the hope that China would be sanctioned for any threat to or invasion of the island. China and Taiwan have previously been accused of inciting tensions within the region.

Japan mulls classifying its key defense document – media

Beijing rejected the comments that Taiwan was being compared to Ukraine in the past as untrue. Zhao Lijian (foreign ministry spokesperson) responded to Kishida’s comments on Friday. “If the Japanese side is sincere about maintaining peace and stability in East Asia, then it should immediately stop provoking major-country confrontation.”

Last month, citing the Russian military campaign in Ukraine among other reasons, Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) submitted a proposal to update the National Defense Program Guidelines, the country’s chief military strategy document. Japanese media reported that the proposal includes modifications to allow Japan to purchase. “counterstrike capabilities”To attack command and control centers or bases of enemy forces.

According to Kyodo news, in December the US and Japan created an emergency military plan to respond to potential conflicts between China and Taiwan. China previously claimed Japan had interfered in Taiwan matters, but it regards these as its domestic affairs.

Admiral Samuel Paparo, the commander of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, said in April that Beijing was studying the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and that, under the current circumstances, a potential invasion of Taiwan would be “highly unpredictable.” 

Taiwan makes claims about Chinese military jets

Last month Liz Truss (UK Foreign Secretary) stated that “a Global NATO”Taiwan, like Ukraine has been armed by the United States of America, must also be arm.

After the 1949 civil war in mainland China, Taiwan was governed by its own government. Beijing claims it is in favor of peaceful reunification. However, Beijing had previously promised to take retaliation if Taipei declared independence.

Unofficial diplomatic relations exist between the US and other nations with the island. The US President Joe Biden declared last year that he would protect Taiwan from Chinese invasion. 

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