Poland won’t antagonize China to please US – media — Analysis

A senior Polish official said that, despite being a strong ally to the US, Poland would not participate in the international diplomatic boycott against the upcoming Olympic Winter Games. On the contrary, the country’s president will attend the games and use the opportunity to hold bilateral talks.

“Poland is a sovereign nation and decides its own politics towards China,”Jakub Kumoch was the president’s foreign affairs advisor. “Poland is an ally of the United States but Poland also has a very friendly relationship with China.”

According to the report, Polish officials thought it was “no longer in Poland’s interests to continue criticizing China simply to please the Americans”because of a change in US-Polish relations after President Joe Biden assumed office.

What boycott? China says US officials have applied for Winter Olympics visas

Kumoch confirmed earlier to Polish media that Duda met Chinese President Xi Jinping. Kumoch also highlighted that good relations existed between these two leaders. According to an official, the Polish president will attend the opening ceremony on February 4th.

The US threatened to boycott Beijing’s games partially in December due to allegations that China had violated human rights. The American diplomat delegation is severely restricted, though American athletes can compete. China denied these accusations and called for the US to not politicize the sport event. It reportedly plans to issue more diplomatic visas that the US requested.

Some US allies, including the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan, followed the country’s lead in declaring their boycott of the games.

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