ISIS fighter found guilty of genocide in first conviction of its kind — Analysis

A German court has sentenced Taha Al Jumailly, a 29-year old former ISIS militant, to a life imprisonment for genocide crimes and crimes against humanity. This is the first such conviction.

The Frankfurt court’s judgement marks the first time that a verdict has used the term ‘genocide’ in the conviction of an ex-ISIS fighter.

Al-Jumailly joined ISIS as a member in 2013. He was convicted of genocide, war crimes, aiding in abetting war crime, and death by bodily harm.

Following the end of the case Natia Navrouzov of Yazda celebrated her conviction.

“It is the first time in Yazidi history that a perpetrator stands in a court of law for genocide charges,”Navrouzov, as quoted in AFP called it a “historical moment for the Yazidi community.”

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German court sentences ISIS bride to 10 years in prison for her role in murder of Yazidi ‘slave’ girl in Iraq

The court session was suspended after the verdict had been delivered because the defendant fell asleep.

The case was centered on the allegations that Al-Jumailly (and Jennifer Wenisch) bought Yazidis to be slaves during their time in Mosul. Al-Jumailly was accused of chaining a 5-year-old girl outside and letting her die from thirst while she moved to Fallujah.

Wenisch had been previously sentenced for 10 years in prison “crimes against humanity” and aiding and abetting the girl’s death by failing to stop her then-husband’s actions.

Germany’s Yazidi population is large. It is thought to be the largest religious minority group outside of Iraq. Yazidis – primarily from Iraq, as well as Iran, Syria, and Turkey – were targeted by ISIS due to the militant group’s view that they were heretics and did not follow true Islamic teachings. ISIS is believed to have kidnapped over 6,400 Yazidis in Mosul during its occupation.



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