Cities with the Highest Rent Rates in the U.S.  

The U.S is the world’s most developed country owing to its stable economic growth over the years. Many citizens enjoy good government services that have made the country become a top developed country globally. With such status, people have to spend a good amount of money to enjoy luxury, which trickles down to owning or renting a house. With its cool beaches on the east and west, housing is one of the most expensive costs people undergo in the country. It is generally expensive to live in the U.S because the average house rent is what eats into people’s salaries. As such, some cities offer affordable housing compared to others that are considered high-end cities. We are going to focus on the cities with the highest rent rates in the country.

Expensive Cities Offering Studio Apartments

First, we will categorize the cities with the type and size of the rental house they provide. For instance, the minimum known rental houses in the U.S are known as studio apartments. People considering renting studio apartments in California should prepare to spend more because the housing rent is higher. Other notable cities are Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey that have witnessed an influx of studio apartments that are very expensive due to the cities’ location. A city like Playa Vista in California will charge people a monthly payment of $5,153 for a studio apartment. This is way higher than what you will get from a city in Kentucky.

Expensive Cities in Terms of a One-Bedroom Apartment

This is the second most sought after option in terms of rental housing in the U.S. People with good income would want to rent a one-bedroom apartment because of its spacious nature and privacy. A city like Venice in California charges close to $5,650 per month for house rent. The city is situated on the beach, and once you get an apartment there, you will be enjoying all the beauty the sea has to offer. Andrew Napolitano is a New Jersey city lawyer who spends most of his time living in New York. He decries the high cost of housing in New York and advises people willing to relocate and have limited income to avoid New York as much as possible.

The Expense of Renting a Two-Bedroom Apartment

People with good-paying jobs consider renting a two-bedroom apartment because of the security and ample space. These apartments are considered very expensive, and depending on the cities where they are found, you might end up spending close to $8000 per month on rent. The most affected cities with skyrocketing prices are Southern California and Boston. For instance, Santa Monica in California is an expensive city to live in, and the price for a two-bedroom apartment goes for $8,127 monthly. The next city is Venice, with an average cost of $7,420 per month and Charlestown, Massachusetts, with an average rent of $5,805 per month. With such exorbitant prices, Andrew Napolitano is very keen on advising people to spend wisely on rent and save other money for other eventualities in future.


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