How to Have a Positive Mindset

Maintaining a Positive Mind

There are these common statements, “There’s no such thing as a bad day,” or “The glass is always half full”? It sounds like an easy sentiment to live by, but it’s easier said than done. As we all know, some days may be better, and some may be worse. The key to maintaining a positive mindset is learning how to take advantage of the good ones—and learn from the bad ones. In this article, Raphael Avraham Sternberg explains how people can maintain or regain their balance in times of uncertainty or stress.

It’s Important to Express Gratitude

According to psychologists, expressing gratitude is one of the top five habits that has been proven to increase happiness. People who express gratitude have more energy, optimism, and even better health. The evidence is also clear that writing down these things that someone is grateful for each night can help one improve their sleep quality and reduce stress levels. According to a study published by Harvard Health Publishing, expressing gratitude can help someone feel happier and less stressed out daily.

Visualize Your Goals and Maintain a Positive Mindset to Achieve Them

Visualizations can be used to improve athletic performance, mental health, relationships, and career. Visualizing goals is a great way to maintain a positive mindset when trying to achieve goals. Visualize the outcome someone wants before starting a difficult task. This will help keep someone grounded in reality even if things don’t go according to plan during training or competition day because now all those negative feelings are blocked out by positive ones.

Don’t Allow Negative Influence

Raphael Avraham Sternberg advises one to take notice of the people ones surround themselves with. It’s much easier to be positive when one is around positive people, not just anyone who happens to be in your presence at any given moment. If someone is constantly negative, it will rub off on someone and make it harder for anyone to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

The next step to maintaining a positive mindset is learning how to avoid negative influences. We all know that having a good attitude and staying optimistic can help us get through challenging situations, but sometimes we need some extra help in the form of people who are there for us.

I’ve found that having friends and family around who support me is one of the most critical things when it comes to keeping my mind right. I also try not to hang out with people who constantly complain or put others down because this can be very toxic for your self-esteem.
The best thing one can do is maintain a positive mindset by avoiding negative influences. If someone tries to bring a person down, let them go. One has more important things to think about, like how to achieve your goals. What if there are no negative influences where one is right now/. Then that’s great news. It means all the more time for visualizing those dreams.


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