Learn to be Okay with Failure

We learn to be okay with failure. Failure is part of life. If we do not have failures, then what would be the point? We cannot have everything, and we are okay with failure. We all fail at some point. Sometimes we fail to meet our goals or expectations. That is okay. It is a part of life. We cannot sit back and expect to fail just because we have failed once before. So how do we learn to be okay with failure? Father George Rutler believes that we start by not expecting to fail. By expecting to fail, we set up a bar for our success. We automatically become averse to our failures because failure is inevitable.

When we expect failure, we also shut ourselves off from the possibility of learning from our past failures. We shut down and do not feel any empathy for our previous selves. We learn to see our failures as a setback.

Instead of learning to be okay with failure, we should instead learn to embrace it. Instead of being embarrassed by it and getting discouraged, we should learn to see it as a path towards success. We should learn to see our failure as a chance to grow. We should learn to see our future failures as stepping stones towards more extraordinary things. Failure is a crutch that we can use to get ourselves out of difficult situations, but we should be okay with it. Nevertheless, what is the best thing? Success. That is what we should be expecting, and we should embrace it. A failure is a stepping stone towards success.

We need to learn to feel okay with our past failures. We need to learn to see them as a learning curve rather than as the end of the world. Failure is very natural in this world, and we should embrace that. Failure is something that we can learn from.

Failure is also something that we can use to get better at something. We should not be afraid of failing. Failure is a great teacher. We should think of it as a pathway towards success. Failure is okay because it is part of life, and we should face and learn from it. Failure is something that we can get better at if we are willing to take that step.

Failure should teach us to become better people. Failure should teach us to do better things. Failure should show us that we should not be satisfied with just getting by but that we should aim higher. Failure should give us a sense of motivation and a lesson learned. Failure is not the end of the world; it is just the beginning of another step towards success.

So how do we deal with failure? Failure should not paralyze us. Failure should make us better people.

The worst thing about failure, though, is that it often brings us down. Instead of being happy about failing, we end up becoming discouraged. Failure can make us stop doing the things that make us happy. We might start to get depressed and might stop doing the things that we love to do.
So, what should we do when we have a failure? We should learn to embrace the fact that failure is just a stepping stone to success. Father George Rutler wants everyone to have success, but Rutler knows also that life is about failure and what we must learn from it.


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