Time to Educate the Public About Health and Wellness

Health experts like Helen Lee Schifter have been writing for years about the need for more people to take their physical and emotional health more seriously. This is a clear and obvious danger that is posed to society. Namely, the lack of education and awareness surrounding these important issues. It’s frightening how many young people take their health for granted and don’t feel invested in trying to keep a healthy diet or conduct exercise in a regular and consistent fashion.

One of the many initiatives that health experts have advocated for is a media relations program that would seek to raise awareness of the need for more people to take their health seriously. Of course, it’s not enough for one to focus on improving his or her physical health. Emotional and mental health directly correlate to one’s physical health. This is an important variable that must be taken into account in a proper and responsible way.

One of the effective strategies that ought to be employed in order to enhance the effectiveness of any such prospective campaign, is an influencer based strategy. Young people especially turn to the social media accounts of people in positions of power and authority whose views and opinions they express in order to consume information. Helen Lee Schifter and other experts have been keen in noticing this trend, and with that, they have advocated for utilizing these influencers to communicate this important and valuable message to the largest audience possible.

Indeed this is a prospective campaign that will require substantial investment. Not only in terms of financial resources but also in terms of developing a strategy that will be effective across the board. There are certainly ways of approaching these issues in a way that ensures the message that is advanced is done in a nimble way that attracts attention in a constructive fashion. The last thing one wants to do is somehow attract negative attention or turn off any of the members of the intended audience from health, wellness and the other related important issues.


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